Spatial Analysis of Fish Drying Cottage Industry Using GIS and R Programming; Case Study in Kudawella, Tangalle Pradehsiya Sabha


  • G. O Abeysooriya
  • K.G.P.K. Weerakoon



Spatial Analysis, Cottage Industry, Binary Logistic Regression


Fish drying cottage industry of Kudawella is expanding fast in the village and to the nearby villages. This sudden expansion is backed by factors such as psychological factors of manufacturers, social, financial, institutional, cultural, market, occupational, environment, infrastructure and other factors. Most of these drives have spatial components in them. As a result, spatial analysis can be carried out by authoritative bodies to make plans and decisions to make the industry and its growth sustainable. For the study, the dependent variable is identified as the manufacturer’s decision in entering the industry and it is spatially identified as locations with manufacturing sites and without manufacturing sites. Proximity to raw material market (Kudawella Harbour), accessible roads, environmentally sensitive areas, coastal belt, social institutions and population density are the independent variables. The binary results of the dependent variable leaded to a binary logistic regression analysis and the multi values were extracted from ArcMap 10.8. R Studio was used to perform the regression analysis on extracted values. The results revealed that only environmentally sensitive areas and population density significantly affect the variations in the dependent variable. So, it is recommended to focus more on socio-economic and other factors while not neglecting spatial factors, when predicting and making decisions related to the growth of the industry.

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Keywords: Spatial Analysis; Cottage Industry; Binary Logistic Regression; R 

Author Biographies

G. O Abeysooriya

University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka

K.G.P.K. Weerakoon

University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka