Participation of People with Disabilities in SMEs Development in Tanzania: Policy Review


  • Dr. Wilfred Uronu Lameck Senior Lecturer PhD Program Coordinator, School of Public Administration & Management Mzumbe University, Tanzania


This paper concerns people with disabilities (PWD) and their participation in Small and Medium Enterprises Development in Tanzania. The literature on people with disability has now concluded that evolving (PWD)s in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is an engine for innovation and economic growth. Despite this recognition, the SMEs policy in Tanzania like other developing countries does not provide accurate guidelines for participation of PWDs in income generating activities. Consequently, the absence of clear directives coupled with negative attitudes towards PWDs constrains their participation and contribution to social-economic development. This review paper reports on the desk review findings concerning SMEs policy and participation of PWDs in income generating activities in Tanzania. The review shows that inclusion of PWDs in SMEs development can be important impetus for social and economic development. Therefore, this paper recommends different strategies through which PWDs can be integrated in SMEs development activities such as provision of credit facilities, training, education, infrastructure facilities and rehabilitation services to PWDs. 

Keywords: People with disability; Small and Medium Enterprises; Economic Development; Tanzania