Article Review: Entrepreneurship in Public Management: The Case of Sri Lankan Administrative Service (SLAS) by R. Lalitha S. Fernando (2006)


  • H. O. C. Gunasekara University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka



The application of the concept of entrepreneurship in public sector management is subject to criticism but it is very familiar in the context of the business field. Entrepreneurial behavior in the private sector is a very old but very important and popular concept that is practiced by managers and entrepreneurs aiming to improve organizational performance. The concept has not been given adequate attention in the public sector. The central theme of the paper is to highlight the concept of managerial entrepreneurship in improving the public sector’s organizational performance. This is a review article titled “Entrepreneurship in Public Management: The Case of Sri Lankan Administrative Service (SLAS)” written by Fernando, (2006). This paper explores the applicability of Managerial Entrepreneurship (ME) in selected public sector organizations with some practical examples. The findings of this paper highlight factors affecting ME motivation to achieve, leadership skills, goal clarity, managerial autonomy, performance-based reward system, citizen participation, and public support. This paper also describes the nature of ME in the public sector and critiques the concept of entrepreneurship in the public sector. Drawing on this literature review, recommendations for future research and the possibility of applications of ME in other areas of the public sector are proposed.

Key Words: Managerial Entrepreneurship, Public Sector, Sri Lanka