The Role of Human Resource Professional in Preventing and Controlling of COVID-19


  • A. Anton Arulrajah Senior Lecturer Department of Management, Faculty of Commerce and Management Eastern University, Sri Lanka


The main objective of this paper is to explore the role of Professionals of Human Resource Management (HRM) in preventing and controlling of COVID-19 in the workplaces. In order to achieve the objective of the review, a literature review was conducted by using available literature. The finding of this review revealed that the Human Resource Professional (HRP) in the organization can play four main roles, such as informational, resource facilitation, advisory and change agent in preventing and controlling of COVID-19 in the work places. The degree and intensity of performing these roles by HRM departments or HR professionals of the organizations may contribute to reduce and eliminate the 15 types of fears and stress by corona (SBC) identified by Opatha (2020) among the employees of the organizations.

Key Words: Controlling, COVID-19, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Professional, Preventing, Role