Non-financial Rewards and Job Satisfaction among State University Academics of Sri Lanka


  • L.A.D.H.R. Wijayathunga
  • D. Rathish



Studies on non-financial rewards are scarce among state university academics of Sri Lanka. Therefore, we aim to describe the association between nonfinancial rewards and job satisfaction. An online survey was conducted to collect data on demography, non-financial reward, and job satisfaction. Binary logistic regression was performed to determine the significant association
between variables of interest and job satisfaction (P <0.05). A total of 4675 emails were sent and 309 entries were included in the final analysis. Overall, 54.4% scored ≥75 out of 100 for job satisfaction. Recognition by the university for the contribution to the university [OR = 3.3 (95% CI 1.5-7.2)], responsibilities held as a teacher in the university [OR = 6.5 (95% CI 1.8-23.6)] and involvement of the academic in decision-making by the university management [OR = 2.4 (95% CI 1.0-5.5)] were the non-financial rewards significantly associated with job satisfaction. Thus, authorities could focus on enhancing such rewards.

Key Words: Decision-making, Personal Development, Recognition, Work-life Balance,
Workplace Environment

Author Biographies

L.A.D.H.R. Wijayathunga

Senior Staff Management Assistant,
Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences,
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

D. Rathish

Senior Lecturer in Family Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences,
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka