The Analysis of Indo- British -US Relations During the Period 2009-2019


  • M. R. K. Gayantha Department of International Relations,University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


India is a major power in the Asian continent and hegemonic power in the south Asian region. India is a Strong member of International organizations such as SAARC, Commonwealth organization, the shanghai cooperation and BRICS. Manmohan Sing was the 13th prime minister of India. his second term was from 2019 may 22 to 2014 may 26. He is member of the Indian congress party. The leader of congress party was Sonia Gandhi. Narendra Modi was 14th prime minister of India. His first term was from 2014 may 26 to 2019 may 30. Britain and USA are India most friendly nations. This research seeks to comparatively analyze Indo-British- USA relations during 2nd term of Singh prime minister and the 1st term of Modi prime minister. The author evaluates to research objectives. The researcher will conduct research based on dual research objectives. First, studying of foreign policy of PM Singh & Modi. Second, studying of Indo-British-USA relations during the second term of PM Singh & first term of PM Modi. The author evaluates to broad research questions. First, What are the o foreign policies of PM Singh & Modi? . Second, What are the Indo-British-USA relations during the second term of PM Singh & first term of PM Modi? This research is study based an qualitative data. The researcher used to the secondary data for this research. This study utilized the secondary data from libraries and internet. The researcher used Neo classical realism theory for this research. Studies the country foreign policy and decision making process using Neo classical realism Theory. Recent research on India foreign policy has been minimal. This research is important for those studying Indian political and foreign policy.