A Contrastive Analysis of English-Hindi Noun Phrase in the Discipline of Translation


  • H. I. Prematilake Department of Hindi Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka


A noun phrase is an extension of a noun, in which one or more adjectives or modifiers are used with the noun. In terms of translation studies, the analysis of internal and external textual factors contributes to the knowledge of the source text and to a better understanding of the text and its aim. Noun phrases are an important element in terms of intertextual factors of the source text. Hence, the objectives of the present study are to describe and explain the function of noun phrases in English and Hindi languages in terms of text analysis for understanding a source text, producing an acceptable translation, and the assessment of that translation and to indicate an investigation of the similarities and differences of the noun phrase in the two languages. The present study focuses on the similarities and differences between Hindi and English noun phrases. Data were gathered using library surveys. Data analysis was performed as a comparative study based on contrastive analysis techniques. The key research findings of this paper are based on identifying several comparative elements of English and Hindi noun phrases. This paper emphasizes that the classification of noun phrases and English-Hindi noun phrases may play with respect to the action or state described by a governing verb.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.31357/fhss/vjhss.v08i01.01