Are larger birth weights associated with higher antenatal maternal blood glucose levels?

TRN Fernando, YAG Perera, JR Ranaginge


Objectives: Find out if the ante natal maternal blood glucose level has an association with higher birth weights (BW).Find out the maternal and neonatal outcome of larger BW after delivery.

Method: Hospital based retrospective study.  Data collected from the birth registry, the BHTs and the ANC records of Labour room C castle street hospital for women. All neonates with a BW of 3.5Kg or more were included.  Data collected from 15th May 2012 to 10th October 2012.

Results: There were 93 neonates included.  Average BW was 3733g, range of 3500g – 4415g. The average gestation at delivery was 39 weeks. 78% of the women were multiparous.  There were 8 with GDM and 2 with type 2 DM. 64 women had 75g OGTT done. The average gestation of performing OGTT was 29weeks. The average FBS was 85.5mg/dl. The average blood sugar level at 1st hour was 148mg/dl. The average blood sugar level at 2nd hour was 120.8mg/dl.

13 women had 50g oral GCT done with an average of 99.34mg/dl. 76 women had 2hour PPBS done with an average of 98.8mg/dl at an average POA of 26weeks. There were 54 NVDs, 34 caesarean sections and 5 instrumental deliveries. There were two third degree perineal tears, two primary PPH and one shoulder dystocia. There were 69 Sinhalese, 13 moors and 10 Tamils.

Conclusions: Majority of large BW did not have higher maternal blood sugar levels at ANC. The maternal and neonatal out come was satisfactory in the majority of this study population.


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Proceedings of Annual Scientific Sessions of Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardeneprua, Sri Lanka