Annual Scientific Sessions of Faculty of Medical Sciences 2012

Proceedings of Annual Scientific Sessions of Faculty of Medical Sciences
6th and 7th December 2012

Table of Contents


Validation of serum cytokines as potential biomarkers in acute dengue infection PDF
GN Malavige, L Gomes, L Alles, T Chang, KDL Nanayakkara, C Jayasekara, SD Jayaratne
Seroprevalance of dengue viral infections and serotype specific t cell responses in healthy individuals in Colombo, Sri lanka PDF
Chandima Jeewandara, GN Malavige, Vathsala Jayasuriya, M.H.J.D. Ariyaratne, Mallika Peellawate, Graham S. Ogg
Are the health care workers geared to prevent H1N1 in the future? PDF
A Balasooriya, TM Samarasinghe, PLD Perera, TD Kalinga, S Prathapan, J Kottahachchi
Relationship between asymptomatic anicteric hepatitis and asymptomatic myositis in a cohort of adult Sri Lankan dengue patients admitted to a medical unit of a tertiary referral centre PDF
RL Satarasinghe, PJ Rathnayake, NS Jayasinghe, IGI Dissanayake
Comparison of risk factor profile, severity and outcome between lacunar strokes & other ischaemic stroke subtypes PDF
Isurika R Ranasinghe, Ayanthi Perera, Saman B Gunatilake
Facial Muscle Anatomy Based Approach for Forensic Facial Reconstruction in Sri Lanka PDF
M Vidanapathirana, RN Rajapakse, AK Madugalla, PIU Amarasinghe, AT Dharmaratne, KD Sandaruwan
A pilot study of variability in the pattern of antibacterial medicines dispensed during different timings of a month in private and public sector pharmacies PDF
GPSG Senadheera, S Sri Ranganathan, GH Fernando, BMR Fernandopulle
Can genetic alterations in inositol biosynthesis affect patients responsiveness to valproic acid? PDF
WMMS Bandara
Modification of the o-cresolphthalein complexone method by improving stability of reagents for determination of serum total calcium PDF
MVK Mahakumara, BGD Priyadarshani, S Amarasingha, S Siriwardene
Lead and Cadmium levels in seminal plasma of men investigated for infertility: Is it due to occupational and environmental exposures? PDF
GUS Wijesekara, DMS Fernando, S Wijeratne, N Bandara
Rapid onset of action of costus speciosus leaf extracts on insulin resistance in experimental wistar rats PDF
HWAS Subasinghe, LM Hettihewa, S Gunawardena
Low Serum Paraoxonase; A Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease? PDF
WD Wickramasinghe, H Peiris, LG Chandrasena, V Senaratne
Breast cancer: Clinical stage at the time of presentation, its correlates and quality of life after treatment PDF
HMJT Jothirathna, R Ali, FS Naseem, RS Soysa, BCV Senaratna, A Pathirana, LU Wanigabadu
Predictors of positive CT brain among head injury patients with normal GCS PDF
HKGR Anuradha, DR Palangasingha, K Indika, V Thyalan, M Hettiarachhi
Fenestrated discectomy, is it still the gold standard in resource poor setting, an experience of overall outcome in a single orthopaedic unit. PDF
DMH Fernando, WYM Abeysekera, AAWK Amarasinghe, PMC Udaya Kumara
Demographic and clinical profile of adult Sri Lankans having hepatocellular carcinoma admitted to medical units of a tertiary referral center; 4 years experience PDF
RL Satarasinghe, PJ Rathnayake, NS Jayasinghe, IGI Dissanayake
Immunohistochemical localization of Vesicular Acetylcholine Transporters and the Choline acetyl transferase enzyme activity in lymphoid tissues of Wistar rats and Balb/C mice PDF
M. Thayabaran, S.G. Yasawardene
Demonstration of the distribution of cholinergic nerve endings and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by immunohistochemical and immunoflourescence techniques PDF
M. Thayabaran, S.G. Yasawardene
Beliefs and practices regarding herbal plants used in self care among persons in Raththanapitiya area and the university community PDF
MGAI Chulika, PVG Chathurika, MAYR Manchanayaka, S Randenikumara, MSA Perera
Suicide is the number one cause of death among pregnant women in Anuradhapura District (2007-2009) PDF
TRN Fernando
Perception of gender roles among medical undergraduates in a State University in Colombo district PDF
MKIM Chandrasiri, SASS Dilankani, NM Hewagamage, PD Udayanthi, MVF Jayasuriya, M Vidanapathirana
Students views on learning anatomy: cadaveric dissections and computer assisted learning PDF
E.A.S.T Edirisinghe, S.G Yasawardene
A study on the outcome of lactose hydrogen breath test (LHBT) in children: is it a useful tool?
KM Upatissa, S Mahadevan-Bava
Forced Expiratory Flow 25 ? 75 % is an important index of early airway dysfunction ? Results from the coal power plant ? Sri Lanka
LU Wanigabadu, SW Wimalasekara, ALP Seneviratne, W Palipane

Poster Presentations

Are larger birth weights associated with higher antenatal maternal blood glucose levels?
TRN Fernando, YAG Perera, JR Ranaginge
Awareness about cervical cancer and prevention among women in Anuradhapura district
TRN Fernando, AN Wijayanayake
Knowledge, attitudes and factors affecting the decision to choose a post-partum contraceptive method among third trimester pregnant mothers
SB Munasinghe, BT Nadeesha, MDDS Munasinghe, D Samaranayake
Where is my chaperon? Patients attitude towards participation of medical students in their management in Obstetrics and Gynaecology wards in a teaching hospital
V Nadarsalingam, A Srirangan, M Yohendran, R Ramachandran, MVF Jayasuriya, RC Fernandopulle
Knowledge and awareness of preventive measures in influenza H1N1 infection among Students of University of Sri Jayewardenepura
RDN Karunathilaka, K Wanigasuriya
Knowledge and practices related to standard precautions among Medical Laboratory Technologists in tertiary care hospitals in Sri Lanka
BCV Senaratna, WMDR Fernando, KCL Dharmaratne
Etiology of superficial fungal infections among cleaning staff at University of Sri Jayewardenapura
RSR Rajakulasooriya, WPSSS Perera, MM Weerasekera, J Kottahachchi, SSN Fernando, LBAE Bogahawatta
Knowledge and practices of disinfection among Nurses in the Colombo South Teaching Hospital
HGI Chathuranganie, SMKS Senevirathne
Knee joint reconstruction with modular-megaprosthesis following peri-articular tumour resection and mutilating trauma: Sri Lankan perspective on limb salvage surgery
WYM Abeysekera, A Gunatilake, AAWK Amarasinghe, DMH Fernando, ABS Ananda Perera
An audit on genitor-urinary malignancies in a specialist center in Sri Lanka.
HN Pramod, KGMW Bandara, MP Deraniyagala, C Alahakoon, S Chandrasekera
Prostate cancer - experience from a specialist urological facility in Sri Lanka
KGMW Bandara, SK Chandrasekera, DMH Fernando, M Deraniyagala, HNH Promod, S Gouse
Haematuria: a three year experience in a specialist urological facility in Sri Lanka.
C Alahakoon, SK Chandrasekera, KGMW Bandara, HNH Promod, S Gouse, H Peiris
An evidence of variation of Prostate and Urinary bladder morphometrical measurements of Sri Lankans from standard Western values
S Shiyanth, PH Dissanayake, S Chandrasekera, SG Yasawardene
Preliminary study of an early identification of postoperative hypocalcaemia after total thyroidectomy
Aloka Pathirana, M S M Rizny
Enterocutaneous fistula management - Our experience PDF
GS Nanayakkara, V Abeysuriya, A Pathirana, WMM De Silva
Cardiovascular risk among patients attending the Family Practice Centre (FPC)
TSP Samaranayaka, HL De Silva, MSA Perera, A Jayawardane, T Thilakaratne, C Jayaratna, MAYR Manchanayaka, PVG Chaturika
Perception on problem based learning in physiotherapy students
TD Dissnayaka, KN Marabe, E Liyanage
A statistical analysis on consumers' use of food labels
TS Talagala, CJP Kalukottege
Morbidity pattern of different primary care settings in Colombo district
ALP De Seneviratne, MGAI Chulika, MAYR Manchanayaka, PVG Chathurika, KC Jeewandara
Sri Lankan migrant worker deaths while employed abroad: circumstances and causes
T Pathirana, V Jayasuriya, K Wijewardena
Perception on medical professionalism among final year medical students
AU Pathirana, MV Iyshwarya, IR Ranasinghe, GE Wickramanayake
Use of methyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol as alternatives to ethyl alcohol in tissue processing
KAD Thilini, KP Wanniarachchi, MDSS Jayathilaka, AGPK Ashoka, DH Beneragama
The clinical profile of adult Sri Lankans having microscopic colitis not otherwise specified (NOS) admitted to a medical unit of a tertiary care hospital
RL Satarasinghe, PJ Rathnayake, NS Jayasinghe, IGI Dissanayake
Lung functions among Traffic and Non-traffic police officers in Colombo Division
LK Hirimuthugoda, SPK Wathudura, H Edirimanna, HP Madarasingha
Level of fatigue and day time sleepiness among heavy vehicle drivers attending National Transport Medical Institute Kandy
DA Gunawardane, SD Dharmaratne
Aetiology and risk factor assessment in children with stroke presented to Stroke Unit, National Hospital of Sri Lanka
DS Wijesekara, PS Gunaratne
Duration of Diabetes and eGFR -A Preliminary Study
NN Wijayatunga, HP Peiris, K Wanigasuriya, PPR Perera
Descriptive analysis of epidemiological, clinical, biochemical and radiological data in a cohort of urinary tract infection in adult patients
LK Hirimuthugoda, PK Jayasekara, H Edirimanna, TK Vithanage
Demographic and clinical profile of enteric fever admitted to a medical unit of a tertiary referral centre in Sri Lanka
RL Satarasinghe, PJ Rathnayake, NS Jayasinghe, IGI Dissanayake
A rare case of Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura
MAM Wijayawardena, TM Perera, MAMN Gamage, UAMD De Silva
Computer literacy, usage and attitudes towards computer based learning among male and female medical undergraduates
SB Munasinghe, MAN Manchanayaka, D Fernando, AU Abayadeera
Quality of the notification process of communicable diseases in a tertiary care hospital and MOH areas.
D.D.N.W Gunarathne, D.P. Gunawardhana, P.J.A. Gunawardhana, I.K Jinasena, D.A.C Amarasinghe, K Wanigasooriya, BCV Senarathna
Development of standards for the quality control of Cyclea peltata and its marketed formulations
D Jayawardena, WDDD Kamalasena, MDJ Wijayabandara
Use of carbapenems in Colombo South Teaching Hospital (CSTH)
D Kaluthanthiri, HMH Hiranthi, P Jayawardane
Adherence to prophylactic antibiotic guidelines in surgical patients in a tertiary care hospital in Colombo
PVN Wijesinghe, IU Ratnasekera, CD Ratnayake, CN Wijesinghe, AGAC Jayasekera, TNMS Fernando, WGHC Wackwella, V Jayasuriya, A Pathirana
Two cases of food allergy: Boerhavia diffusa (Sarana)
MHJD Ariyaratne, R de Silva, GN Malavige
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of phenylacridine based antibacterial agent
KWTRT de Silva, RP Perera, CM Nanayakkara
Emotional feelings experienced by medical students at cadaver dissections
EAST Edirisinghe, SG Yasawardene
Study the usage of IT domains among the fresh students of the Faculty of Health-Care Sciences, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.
V Sathaananthan, S Santharooban, S Sathaananthan
Qualitative & quantitative analysis of amino acids & peptides of whey in selected curd brands produced in Sri Lanka
GMC Dabarera, LV Athiththan, PPR Perera
Quality and stability studies of metformin hydrochloride tablets marketed in Sri Lanka PDF
NRM Nelumdeniya, SS Wagachchige, MDJ Wijayabandara

Proceedings of Annual Scientific Sessions of Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardeneprua, Sri Lanka