An evidence of variation of Prostate and Urinary bladder morphometrical measurements of Sri Lankans from standard Western values

S Shiyanth, PH Dissanayake, S Chandrasekera, SG Yasawardene


Objective: To compare age related normal Sri Lankan prostate values with western values. 
To compare the age related Post void residual volume(PVR) of urinary bladder of Sri Lankan individuals with Western values.

Method: Prostate gland (Height, Length, width, volume) and Urinary bladder(Pre void, PVR, Posterior  bladder wall thickness) measurements were taken by abdominal ultrasonography in 140 patients who underwent ultrasonography for non prostatic problems.

Results: Average age was 45.79±14.01 years ranging from 16 to 85. Prostate volume ranged from 6.10 to 55.65ml with a mean of 19.04ml±7.44(Western value(WV)- 31.4ml). Mean prostate height, length and width were 2.86cm±0.44, 3.48cm±0.44 and 3.45cm±0.40 respectively. Significant Spearmen’s correlation was found between prostate volume and age (0.491,p<0.001) but not with weight(p>0.1), height(p>0.1) or body surface area(BSA)(p>0.1) of the individual. Patients were grouped in 10years period ranging from 20s to 80s. Mean prostate volume below 30years was 13.61ml±3.76 which rose upto 22.95ml±5.84(WV-32.8ml) in individuals more than 80years.

PVR ranged from 0 ml to 110.25ml with a mean of 24.10ml. Mean PVR in individuals below 30years was 20.80ml which rose upto 61.75ml in more than 80years where as western values were 20-30ml. Spearman’s correlation between age and PVR was significant(0.456,p<0.01).

Conclusion: Significant positive correlation was found between prostate volume and age but not with weight, height or BSA of the individual. PVR of Sri Lankan is higher than that of western value although Sri Lankan prostate volume is less than the western values. This may lead to under diagnosing BPH in Sri Lankan setup.


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Proceedings of Annual Scientific Sessions of Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardeneprua, Sri Lanka