Challenges of Resettlement on Livelihood Development with Special Reference to Magampura Harbor Development Project

Saman Handaragama, Amaya Kodikara


This paper presents a sociological analysis of the resettlement impact onlivelihood development in the Magampura harbor development project. Resettlementprograms of the development projects have made big challenges to the livelihooddevelopment of the resettled people.

The research problem examined whether the resettlement program of theMagampura harbor development project made an impact on livelihood development ofthe resettled people. The objectives of the study are to identify the consequences ofinfrastructure change on resettlement, compare the economic changes of resettledpeople in resettlement program and analyze the advantages and disadvantages inlivelihood development of resettled people.

Using the simple random sampling method, 50 villagers were elected inSwarnamalipura village of Hambanthota Divisional Secretariat Division inHambanthota District.

People in Swarnamalipura village have to convert their lives again because ofthe uprooting from the native place. Therefore, the reinvestigation of the livelihooddevelopment of these people is a vital factor. Here, the changes of infrastructure aremore over discussed. Provision of electricity, water, education and health are substantialamong them The economic changes in comparison with previous life are also analyzedin this study. Lack of land area to cultivation and poor water provision are the majorissues that the resettled people face. Also, the problems in adaptation, communitymanagement activities and breaking down of the social relationships are centraldiscussion points in the study.

Key words: Resettlement, Livelihood development, Community management,Development Challenges


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