Vol 1 (2012)

Proceedings of the First International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

Proceedings of the First International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences 2012

Honouring the Past, Treasuring the Present, Navigating the Future: Making Knowledge to Deliver

08th & 09th November 2012




Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

Table of Contents


Interpretation of Rasas in Rasa Theory of Classical Indian Poetics PDF
Zameerpal Kaur
Shokajanaka Natyaya Sankalpaya Pilibanda Thulanathmaka Vigrahayak PDF
H.W. Bihesh Indika Sampath
Study on Involvement in Aesthetic Activities and Academic Performance of Undergraduates The Case of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce of University of Sri Jayewardenepura in Sri Lanka PDF
N. G. D. G. Kaushalya, R. L. S. Fernando
Chatharika Samay Theewra Kirimehila Upayogi Wannau Gadya - Padya Shaileen Pilibanda Adyayanayak PDF
I.S. Weerakkodi
'Language of Dance' With Special Attention to the Bharata Natyam and Dance Choreography in Contemporary Times PDF
Sunethra Kankanamge
Guiding the 'Post- Spectator' in Sri Lankan Theatre PDF
Sunethra Kankanamge
Impact of Climatic Variations and Land Use on the Water Resources in the Mi Oya River Basin Sri Lanka PDF
G. M. Bandaranayake
A Study on the Trends of Rainfall Patterns in the Intermediate and Dry Zones of Sri Lanka A Comparative Study for the Periods Ranging from 1941-1970 and 1971-2000 PDF
L. M. Wickramanayake, E. M. S. Ranasinghe
Preliminary Parasitic Survey of the Natural Primate Reservoirs of Potential Zoonoses in Sri Lanka PDF
M. A. Huffman, C. A. D. Nahallage, S. Ekanayake, H. Hasegawa, L. D. G. G. De Silva, I. R. K. Athauda
School Dropouts in Sri Lanka A Sociological Analysis PDF
M. A. N. R. Perera
Challenges of Resettlement on Livelihood Development with Special Reference to Magampura Harbor Development Project PDF
Saman Handaragama, Amaya Kodikara
Impact Assessment on Living Standards of Low Income Families Relocated under Urban Resettlement Schemes A Case Study in Dematagoda Resettlement Housing Scheme in Colombo PDF
N. W. W. W. R. P. Wicramasinghe, P. P. Lalanie
Buddhist Sociological Theory of Basic Human Needs for Developing New Models of Social Work Practice PDF
W. M. Dhanapala
Family Relations and the Problems of University Students PDF
M. A. N. Rasanjalee Perera
Study of Stakeholders‟ Participation in Public School Management Case in Matara District PDF
C. K. Arachchi, S. D. Edirisinghe
Determination of Wage Rate in the Labour Market in Sri Lanka PDF
C. L. K. Nawarathna
Reduced Field Work in Environment Based Education A Qualitative Approach in Secondary Education PDF
Purnima Dehiwela
Protection of Performers‟ Rights under Intellectual Property Law A Way Forward PDF
H. A. M. Harankaha
Impact of Livelihood Activities on the Wellbeing of Elderly People in Matara District PDF
W. V. W. G. Waniganeththi
Adult Caring in Sri Lanka PDF
P. K. Karunarathne
Making of Local Identities through Jaffna English PDF
S. Sivagurunathan
Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Stock Market Performance of Sri Lanka A Sectoral Approach PDF
Dumindu Senanayake, A. N. Wijayanayake
Their Children and My Life Impact of Childcare on Young Mother-Substitutes of Migrant Women‟s Children PDF
B. C. V. Senaratna
Effect of the Inclusion of Sports Component in Comprehensive School Evaluation System On the Girl Students‟ Attitude towards Sports and PDF
Shantha Jayakumar
An Analysis of the Effects of Major Causes of Deaths on Life Expectancy in Sri Lanka PDF
S. A. C. S. Silva
An Analysis of the Effects of Major Causes of Deaths on Life Expectancy in Sri Lanka PDF
S. A. C. S. Silva
The Impact of Mobile Phones on Peoples‟ Lives in Sri Lanka PDF
H. P. T. N. Silva
How to Overcome Challenges Caused by Lack of ICT Resources in Sri Lankan Schools PDF
T. M. S. S. K. Y. Ekanayake
Right to Education under Srilankan Law in Ensuring Post-Conflict Reconciliation A Comparative Study PDF
S. Susarithaa
The Factors Affecting Recreation Behaviour of Upcountry Tamil Community in Tea Estates PDF
K. G. C. P. Wijethissa, K. Jayantha, E. G. Ubayachandra
LTTE Suicide Bombers of Sri Lanka PDF
R. S. K. Iddamalgoda
Prisoners‟ rehabilitation in Sri Lanka PDF
L. J. M. Karunaratne
Crime and Society Protecting Society through Ensuring Rights of Suspects in Criminal Justice System PDF
G. I. M. Liyanage
The Problems Faced by Family Members of Remand Prisoners PDF
H. P. K. N. Hewawasam
A Study on Injury Patterns of Motorcyclists Met with Traffic Accidents PDF
K. K. N. Fernando, S. R. Hulathduwa, C. A. D. Nahallage
Sri Lankan Prison System Conflict with Human Rights Standards PDF
M. K. G. Jeewanthi
Rehabilitation of Prisoners through Vipassana Meditation PDF
M. W. Jayasundara
Epistemological Basis of Astro-medical Mandate of Prognosis of Fevers as Mentioned in Sri Lankan Indigenous Medicine PDF
D. L. Perera
Revival and Re-evaluation of Some Traditional Methods of Conservation of Palm Leaf Manuscripts in Sri Lanka PDF
C. N. K. Alahakoon
A Literary Review on Vedic Serpent Mythologies and its Cultural Semantics Reflected in Indigenous Medical Texts in Sri Lanka PDF
D. L. Perera
An Anthropological Overview of Etymology, Cultural Interpretation and Usage of the Term Parangi with Special Reference to Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka PDF
D. L. Perera
Puberty Rites and Rituals among Valluvars of Pudhucherry A Gender Perspective PDF
V. Pragati
Decoding the Myth of End of History PDF
Kushal Pal, Anita Agarwal
Explanation of the Using Pattern of Metal Resources in the North Central and Eastern provinces in the Early Period of Sri Lanka PDF
Thusitha Mendis, Chandana Rohana Withanachchi
How the Ancient Indians Get the Measurements to Build Their Sacrificial Altars PDF
Jambugahapitiye Dhammaloka Thera
A Brief Appraisal of Cultural Heritage of Ao Nagas in Nagaland PDF
Pranjal Boruah
Cephalic Index in Purana Inhabitants at the Foot of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka PDF
K. M. Chandimal, S. G. Yasawardene, G. Adikari
The Evaluation of Living Stature in Purana Inhabitants at the Foot of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka PDF
K. M. Chandimal, S. G. Yasawardene, G. Adikari
A Basic Study of Tā Prohm (Vat Bātī) Inscription PDF
Lun Lay Thera
Socio-Medico Charms in the Atharvavedic Tradition Its Relevance in the Contemporary Society PDF
Niranjan Jena
Regional Disparities of Human Capital Formation in Sri Lanka PDF
D. P. S. Chandrakumara
Eco-Tourism for Sustainable Development Case study in Knuckles Mountain Forest in Sri Lanka PDF
T. W. M. T. W. Bandara
Redefining the Value Chain to Achieve Social and Business Progress A Case Study of Sri Lankan Export Oriented Out Grower Programme PDF
B. A. N. Eranda
Urban Poverty in Sri Lanka An Asset Based Analysis PDF
B. W. R. Damayanthi
Decentralization in Sri Lanka A Critical Analysis of Decentralization during the 1970s and its Impact on Rural Development PDF
R. Ramesh, H. U. S. Pradeep, Ranjith Dickwella, R. Sathis
University Library Building Planning In Sri Lanka A Comparative Study PDF
K. R. N. Harshani
Balancing Competing Interests between Natural and Human Environment in the Sphere of Development; A Sri Lankan Perspective PDF
U. S. Liyanage
Ecological Fallout of Development in a Green Revolution Region The Case of Punjab PDF
Inderjeet Singh
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Development Challenges in India PDF
Bhavna Chhabra, Ramana Singla
Technology Problems in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Sri Lanka With Reference to Footwear and Leather Products Manufacturing Sector in the Western Province PDF
D. P. K. Manel
Meeting Development Challenges by Introducing Global ICT Standards to Agricultural Industry in Sri Lanka PDF
C. I. Kithulgoda, P. P. M. Jayaweera
Electronic Bills of Ladings A Tool of Expanding the Horizons of International Trade PDF
Tilshan Soyza, Bihara Weerasinghe, Malith Abeywickrama, Chathuranga Arambawatta, Kumudumalee Munasinghe
Determinants of Demand for International Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka PDF
K. M. U. B Konarasinghe, C. K. M. Deheragoda
Public Health Expenditures and Population Health PDF
Wasana Kalansooriya
Power of Coincidence Agrarian Change in Mamire Village - Tanzania (1992-2012) PDF
Clas Lindberg
An Econometric Forecasting Model for Describing Tourist Arrivals Process in Sri Lanka PDF
Hemantha P. Diunugala
Reconstruction of Agricultural Marketing System in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka PDF
T. A. Dharmratne
Transition from a Conflict Affected to a Post-Conflict Setting A Qualitative Study on Two Resettled Sinhala Communities in Post Conflict Sri Lanka PDF
Pinnawala Sangasumana Thera
A Study on Factors Influencing Landslides in Sri Lanka PDF
L. D. C. S. Subhashini, H. L. Premaratne
Development of Autonomous Multi Agent System for Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment PDF
D. S. K. Mendis, A. S. Karunananda, U. Samaratunga
A Case Study on Flood Hazard Potential in the Jaffna District of Sri Lanka PDF
N. Piratheeparajah, K. Rajendram
Empowerment of Socio-Economic Environment of Tsunami Affected People in Sri Lanka PDF
N. M. A. Jayasinghe
Disaster Risk Management through Community Participation A Case Study of Ampara Coastal Area, Sri Lanka PDF
M. S. M. Razik
Effectiveness of Early Warning Dissemination A Case Study on Tsunami Early Warning in Sri Lanka PDF
M. K. G. I. Dharmasena
An Analysis of Women Ascetics as Projected in the Mahabharata PDF
Supriya Banik Pal
Overcoming the Challenges for the Re-establishment of the Bhikkhunī Order in Sri Lanka through the Study of Historical Experiences PDF
Panahaduwe Yasassi Thera
Social Conventionalism and Mobility with Reference to Maha Supina Jathaka PDF
Kalundewe Chandawimala Thera
Existence of the External World Idealistic Perspective in Lankāvatāra Sūtra PDF
Kattakaduwe Chandawimala Thera
Buddhist Five Precepts for the Prevention of Domestic Violence against Women PDF
Moragollagama UparathanaThera
A Historical and Textual Study of Bhikkhuni Order in Sri Lanka PDF
Witharandeniye Chandasiri Thera
Politics and Sanga Community in Sri Lanka PDF
Shantha Kumara Gamlath
Knowledge Construction Based on Buddhist Theory of Knowledge PDF
J. A. D. F. M. Jayatilleke
Sinhalese Derived Buddhism in Southwest China PDF
Hema Goonatilake
Exploring Buddhist Ethics for New Technologies PDF
Susantha Goonatilake
Women and Political Leadership Challenges and Constraints With Special Reference to Local Government in Sri Lanka PDF
W. H. P. Lakmali, L. A. P. Madhuwanthi
Grievances of Sri Lankan Housemaids in the Middle East Is it the Result of Vacuuming Political Rights PDF
R. C. Palliyaguruge
Double Troubles or Not Factors Affecting the Role Performance of Rural Woman in Dry Zone Agriculture PDF
K. R. N. S. Rajamanthrie, M. R. Pinnawala
Education and Women‟s Participation in Punjab PDF
Sangeeta Nagaich, Preeti Sharma
Stepping Into the Outer World Women in Politics in Colonial Bengal 1889-1920 PDF
Rachana Chakraborty
Scenario of Women Empowerment of India PDF
Shakuntla Gupta
Innovations in Criminal Law Against Abuse of Women Sri Lankan Perspective PDF
M. A. D. S. J. S. Niriella
Beyond the Daily chores PDF
L. B. Manamperi
Problems of Migrant Workers in the Middle East A Case Study of Return Female Migrants in Sri Lanka PDF
C. Mahanama, T. M. S. P. K. Thennakoon
The Impact of Socio-Economic Changes in Female Employment Patterns in Sri Lanka PDF
U. P. Lekamge
Women Empowerment through Cultural Tourism A Case Study in North Central Province of Sri Lanka PDF
H. A. N. Hettiarachchi
Does Gender Matter in Employment With Special Reference to Managerial Positions in the Licensed Private Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka PDF
N. A. K. Weerasinghe, L. A. P. Madhuwanthi
Drought and Vegetation Monitoring Using Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing in Rajasthan, India PDF
K. Rajendram, N. R. Patel
Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System for Analyzing Urban Information System A Case Study of Belgaum City, Karnataka, India. PDF
Rita Basanna, A. K. Wodeyar
Characterization the Gem Bearing Sediment Deposits Using GIS Technique in Kalu-Ganaga River Basin, Sri Lanka PDF
B. A. S. Kumara, H. M. R. Premasiri
Application of GIS in Chamarajanagar District Administration An Integrated Approach PDF
M. Harish, M. Pushpalatha
Based Crime Mapping and Analysis A Case Study of Mudugiri Town Police Station Jurisdiction PDF
G. R. Pramod Kumar, P. Ravikumar, R. K. Somashekar
Forest Fire Susceptibility and Risk Mapping Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) for Protected Areas Case of Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka PDF
H. M. B. S. Hearath, M. S. L. R. P. Marasinghe
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in the Study of the Geographical Distribution of Ancient Settlements in the Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate in Northern-Central Delta, Egypt PDF
Lennart Strömquist
The Buddhist Approach on Rules and Regulations as a Motivation Factor PDF
H. R. N. Peiris
Framework to Capture, Represent and Realize Motivational Concepts of Good Governance on eBusiness Solutions PDF
Geethika Dantanarayana, Parsad Jayaweera
Good Governance in Sri Lanka Challenges and Prospects A Case of Navithanveli Predhesiya Shaba PDF
M. A. M. Fowsar
English Language Proficiency through Buddhist Literature, Culture, Art and Architecture PDF
R. M. Rathnasiri
Phi-feature Agreement in Sinhala PDF
M. G. L. Ananda
Was there a Direct Link between Spread of Alcohol Intake and Violence during British Colonial Period in Sri Lanka An Analysis Based on Poetry Written in the 19th Century in Sri Lanka PDF
Olaganwatte Chandasiri Thera
Language Anxiety and Learner Performance at Examinations PDF
S. S. Pereira
The Influence of Learners‟ Interest on the Effectiveness of Compulsory English Course Special Focus on the Second Language Acquisition of University Undergraduates PDF
K. G. S. R. K. Jayawardane
Translation of Sri Lankan Literature into French A Case Study on Romesh Gunesekara's Reef PDF
H. S. M. M. Jayawardena
Improving Foreign Language TeachingLearning in Exolingual Learning Contexts PDF
S. N. Punchihetti Rathnayake
Literature and Territoriality Configuring Spaces by Jaffna Tamil Writers PDF
S. Sivagurunathan
Call Me Woman1 Women as Agents of Violence PDF
Shamara Ransirini
Internet A Mode of Teaching French Literature in a Foreign Language Classroom PDF
I. U. Chandrasekere
Linguistic Competence of Using English Tenses by Tertiary Level Students in Sri Lanka Special Focus on the Undergraduates at Uva Wellassa University PDF
J. M. P. V. K. Jayasundara
Are The Social Issues Realistically Portrayed in Sri Lankan English Short Story PDF
D. N. Aloysius
A Comparative Study of the Syntactic Analysis of Pali and Sinhala Languages PDF
Nawalapitiye Anuradha Sudhammika Therani
Communicative Skills through Task Based Learning PDF
T. C. Peiris
The Importance of Teaching Techniques to Improve Cognitive Processes in Interpreting Courses PDF
R. D. H. Vithanage
Tussle for „Standards‟ in ESL Writing in India A Study of School English Teachers‟ Insistence on „Correctness‟ and „Appropriateness‟ PDF
Deepesh Chandrasekharan
Influence of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in the Acquisition of English as a Second Language by Polytechnic Students of Sri Lanka PDF
H. P. T. S. Jayawardena
The Impact of IQ Level and Socio-Economic Background in Improving English Speaking Skills of University Undergraduates PDF
M. H. P. K. Gunasena
The Changes of the Readership in a Digitised Age PDF
P. Abhayasundara, U. P. Lekamge
Online Advertising An Outlook and Emerging Scenario PDF
A. Shelke, R. Shinde
“Super Heroes” “Action Figures” and American Global Hegemony A Critical Analysis of New Trends in Hollywood Cinema PDF
T. I. Wickramaarachchi
The Potential of Microenterprise Development among the Urban Poor PDF
D. P. S. Chandrakumara, N. M. A. Jayasinghe
Micro Financing through Women Self- help Groups and Its Socio-Economic Impact A Case Study of Konkan Region of Maharastra PDF
M. A. Lokhande
Micro Finance An Effective Tool for Rural Women Empowerment PDF
P. P. Deo, S. S. Shinde
Agricultural Microinsurance for Sri Lanka Exploring the Feasibility of Farmers‟ Organizations as a Stakeholder for Insurance Delivery PDF
Shirantha Heenkenda
Performance Evaluation of Public Sector Banks and Foreign Banks in India Using CAMEL Model PDF
P. K. Aggarwal
Unified Framework for Public Sector Microfinance Service Delivery PDF
Parsad Jayaweera, Lalan Samarasinghe, Buddika Ratnapala
Pervasiveness of Breakfast Skipping and Its Associated Factors A Study of Undergraduates in State Universities in Colombo District PDF
T. D. Weerasinghe, C. K. Batagoda
People‟s Attitude toward Sri Lankan Cricket PDF
W. M. R. K. Weerakoon, W. M. A. M. Jayawardhana, K. Jayantha, E. U. Ubayachandra
A Study of Fear and Stage Fright in English Oral Communication among Academics in the Humanities and Social Sciences PDF
S. G. S. Samaraweera
Youth and Their Search for Decent Employment Attitudes and Aspirations of Arts Undergraduates in Sri Lanka PDF
H. D. P. Premarathne, N. K. Kulasekara
Psycho-social Problems Confronted by University Students and the Need for Counseling PDF
Sarath Amarasinghe, Pemapala Pathirana
Sri Lankeya jana gayana kshethraye athulath nelum gayana shailiye visheshatha pilibanda manawawansha sangeethavidyathmaka vimarshanayak PDF
I.S. Weerakkodi
Peradiga sangeetha vishaya sadhanaya thulin heli wana sangeetha adhyapanaye swabhawaya pilibanda adhyayanayak PDF
I.S. Weerakkodi
Kolam natakaye wesmuhunuwala kalathmaka agaya pilibanda adhyayanayak PDF
Wijaya Sri Withana
Kolam nataka sanniwedanaya PDF
Manori Manamperi
Mahinda chinthanaya yatathe sampaditha parisarika neethi grameeya janathawage jeewanopayata balapana akaraya- Badulla disthrikkaye haldummulla pradeshiya lekam kotthashaya ashrayen PDF
R.C. Palliyaguruge, H.M.K. Sanjali
Gramiya pasal paladayithawa kerehi viduhalpathi nayakathwaya balapana akaraya pilibanda vimarshanathmaka adhyayanayak PDF
S.A.H. Samarasinghe
Paryantha pradeshiya sanwardanayedi sewa madhyasthanayanhi karyayabharya- Hatangala gramiya janawasaya asurin PDF
D.K.D.A. Ranaweera, R.M.K. Rathnayake
Sri Lankawe nadu vibhaga kalasimawa thula sakshikaruwange aithiwasikamwalata ella wana abhiyoga pilibanda vishleshanathmaka adhyayanayak PDF
W.M.N. Weerasekara, D.M.T.H. Madushani
Mawathwasi lamainge apagami charyawan pilibanda adhyayanayak- Kolamba kotuwa saha pitakotuwa ashrayen PDF
Neranji Vijewardhana
Sri Lankeya janagahanaya sandaha kapala darshaya nirnaya kirima PDF
G.U. Mahakumarage, S.R. Hulathdoowa, C.A.D. Nahallage
sinhala sandesha sahithyayen heliwana sri lankeya abharana sanskruthiya PDF
hansamala Ritigala
Paththini deviya adahima pilibanda adhyayanayak- Nawagamuwa paththini dewalaya asurin PDF
Madhavi Neranjala Chandrasena
Sellipi walin helidarau wana iparani sri lankawe banku krama ha poli anupatha PDF
K.M. Alexander
Purana gal palam idikirimedi bhavitha u thakshanaya pilibanda adhyayanayak PDF
M.D.I.K. Abenayaka, Gamini Samaranayaka
Muhudu waddan hewath veralabada waddange janajeevithaya pilibanda vimarshanayak PDF
K.R. Premaweera, I.S. Weerakkodi, A.D. Weerakkodi
Kuweniyage daruwange daruwo wadi jana nayakayan visin mahawanshayen bahara kirima prathirodhi ananyathawak lesa PDF
Prabhath Galagamage
Sri Lankawe minis nowana primata janasrathiya pilibanda keti vimarshanayak PDF
Halamba Amarawansa Himi, C.A.D. Nahallage
Sri Lankawe ahara sanskruthiya ha bandunu vishesha bhasha vyawaharaya PDF
Kusumalatha Lankamulla
Homiyopathi vaidya kramaye kriyathmaka swabhawaya ha muhunapana gatalu - Walisara Homiyopathi rohala asurin PDF
Jayantha Jayasiri
Prag manawayage jeewana ratawe puravidyathmaka artha nirupanaya sadaha sathwa asthi vishleshanaye wadagathkama PDF
sudevi ranasinghe, gamini adhikari
Madyama kadukaraye nila washayen piligath ha nogath sewa madyasthanayanhi wardhanaya ashritha gatalu PDF
R.M.K. Rathnayake
Pradeshiya sanwardhanaya kerehi karmanthawala dayakathwaya- Polgahawela pradeshiya lekam kottashaya asureni PDF
H.P.G.H. Wijesingha, E.M.T.K. Senavirathna
Dakshina Adhiwegi marga wyapruthiya manawa bhoo darshakaya kerehi sidukarana balapama PDF
T.A. Lasanthi, Pinnawala Sangasumana Himi
Rathnapura nagaraye parisarika saukhya gatalu pilibanda vishleshanayak PDF
P.P. Liyanarathna, R.M.K. Rathnayake
2005n pasu awadiye sri lankawe videsha prathipaththi gatalu saha prawanatha PDF
Nishantha Hettiarachchi
Kukuleganga jala viduli balagara magin siduwa athi samaja, arthika ha parisarika balapama - mapagama ha molkawa grama niladhari wasam asuren PDF
D.K. Namali
Ganwathura nayayam kerehi avidimath idam pariharanaye balapama PDF
K.G. sirantha, Pinnawala Sangasumana Himi
Sri Lankawe weralabada awalokitheshwara bodhisathwa sankalpaye wyapthiya PDF
A.M.N.W. Mendis
Dharma sajjayanaya ha ehi warthamana muhunuwara vicharathmaka vishleshanayak PDF
Madagampitiye Vijithadamma Thero
Mul budu samaye panena sathara sathiya - sath sathiya PDF
Kadihingala Hemasiri Thero
Kaya Viwekaya pilibanda bauddha mathaya PDF
Hasantha Wasana Samarasinghe
Jeevitha surakshithathawa udesa aharaya pilibanda ashthanga yogaye upayogithawa PDF
Karandagolle Sobhitha Thero
Dharma rajyaya sankalpaya nuthana deshapalana sandarbhaya thula sthanagatha kirimedi ismathu wana gatalu pilibanda vimasumak PDF
Kalundawe Chandavimala Thero
Suthra pitakaya charitha pilibanda adhyayanayak PDF
Magammana Pangnananda Thero
Indunisiyawe pancha sheelaya pilibanda vichara purwaka adhyayanayak PDF
Kadihingala Hemasiri Thero
Pau sama karaganima saha budu dahama PDF
kudakanthoruwe Vinitha Thero
Samaja gatalu visadimehila drushti prathibahana nyayehi bhavithaya PDF
Muladiyawala Aggawansa Thero
Gabsawa pilibanda bauddha mathaya PDF
Madagoda Abethissa Thero
Sthriya ha sthrithwaya pilibanda sankalpaya purathana dakunu asiyanu mulasraya ha ewage abhyanthara ha bahira prathirodhatha pilibansa adhyayanayak PDF
M. Chathurika Madushani Wijerathna
Sri Lankeya sramikathwaye parimawa pawul katayuthu sandaha darana dayakathwaya ha oun muhunadena gatalu pilibanda adhyayanayak PDF
Yasanjali Devuka Jayathilaka Rathnayake
Sri Lankawe kanthawa saha deshapalana sahabhagithwaya PDF
H.P.I. Nadishani
Sri Lankeya kanthawage srama dayakathwaya ha srama agayuma poorwa yatath vijitha yugaya asurin kerena eithihasika adhyayanayak PDF
A.M.M. Chandrika
Andukrama wyawasthanukulawadaya saha yahapalanaya surakshanayehila adhikaranaya sathu nirmanashili karyabharyaya PDF
C.L. Akurugoda
Janapriya deshapalanaya saha sri lankawe kalakaruwange deshapalana agamanaya 2010 parlimenthu mathiwaranaya pilibandawa sidu karana lada vishleshanathmaka adhyayanayak PDF
R.C. Palliyaguruge, W.M.S. Wikramasinghe
Sidath sangarawe dakwena 'ubbaslakara' pilibanda vidwath matha samalochanayak PDF
H.W.B.E. Sampath
sinhala bhashagatha thoragath sanskrutha wachana pilibanda nirukthi vidyathmaka artha vigrahayak PDF
Saman Chandra Ranasinghe
Sampradaya saha 20 wana siyawase sinhala kaviya PDF
Namal Udalamaththa
Prabandha kathawe perabima ha pasubima pilibanda sankalpaye bhavithaya nuthana sinhala prabandha katha asuren PDF
Chamila Somarathna
Asandigdha sanniwedanaya saha bhashakayage abhiprerarthaya pilibanda wag vidyathmaka adhyayanayak PDF
K.A.C. Kasthuriarachchi
Sri Lankawe sanskrutha bhasha sahithyaya poshanayehila vidyodaya piriwene bhikshu dayakathwaya PDF
Meepitiye Seelarathana Thero
Danthaja sa karaye ghishaya 'Z' sinhalayehi nirupanaya PDF
K.K.G. Randula
Sinhala sanyuktha kriyapada sadhanayehila namapada bhavithaya PDF
Chamila Liyanage
Sathi antha sinhala puwathpath athireka pilibanda pataka ruchikathwaya irida lankadeepa, diwaina, silumina ha lakbima puwathpath asuren PDF
Shashika Aravinda Thilakarathna
Gramiya mulya anshaya thula avidimath mulyaanshaye dayakathwaya PDF
N.M.A. Jayasinghe
Deshiya ithurum kerehi mulya atharamadikaranaye balapama PDF
K.G.G. Weerasinghe
Prachandathwaya pilibanda sahajasamaya elambuma ha nirmanathmaka bhawa vishodanaya PDF
W.M. Yaparathna
Manasika rogabadha saha samaja akalpa PDF
M.G.L.M. Premarathna
Manasika athathiya yannata budusamayehi yediya haki wachana handunaganima PDF
Unapana Premananda Thero