The Factors Affecting Recreation Behaviour of Upcountry Tamil Community in Tea Estates

K. G. C. P. Wijethissa, K. Jayantha, E. G. Ubayachandra


This study aims to make a deeper analysis of Upcountry Tamil Community intea estates in relation to the factors affecting recreation behavior of upcountry Tamilcommunity in tea estates. The objective is to identify the influence of age and gender(demographic factor) for recreation behavior of Upcountry Tamil Community in teaestates. Two hypotheses were formulated: (i) The age influence on recreation behaviorof Upcountry Tamil Tea Estates community; (UTTE) (ii) The gender influence onrecreation behavior of Upcountry Tamil Tea Estates community. The researcher usedprimary and secondary data for this study. 200 laborers were selected for the sample andthe researcher used cluster random sampling method as a sampling technique in thisstudy. The researcher used questionnaire and interview methods to collect data andhypotheses were tested by calculate correlation and skewness. Based on the findings,the researcher concluded that employee‟s recreation behavior (individually andtogether) is negatively correlated with their age and gender. In addition, the researchermade recommendation to tea estates authority in related field. The government shouldprovide open spaces and recreational centers throughout the tea estates. Therefore, thegovernment should take steps to increase their income or release more time forrecreation.

Key words: Recreation behavior, Demographic factor, Ethnic group

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