The Evaluation of Living Stature in Purana Inhabitants at the Foot of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

K. M. Chandimal, S. G. Yasawardene, G. Adikari


The human stature is determined by combination of genetic and environmentfactors such as nutrition and socioeconomic states. The human stature can vary amongpopulations. The present study evaluates the living stature of present purana inhabitantsat the foot of the Sigiriya. The stature of present purana population was taken from 300male and female purana inhabitants representing Pidurangala, Thalkote, Diyakepilla andNagalaweva purana villages of Sigiriya. The selection of purana individual was basedon oral pedigree analysis and pedigree was traced back to at least three generations. Thestature was measured using a temporary stadiometer prepared by us with the accuracyof 0.1cm. The mean stature of purana females and males were 152.90cm ± 7.05 and165.70cm ± 7.58 respectively. The obtained male and female mean stature of the studywas higher than reported average stature of Sri Lankan present male being163.6cm ±6.9 and female being 151.4cm ±6.4 reported by Ranasinghe 2011. The obtained meanstature male being 165.70cm ± 7.58 was higher than the reported mean height of veddabeing 156.62cm ± 5.59 reported by Wikramanayake 1992. The obtained mean stature ofpurana male was higher than the Indian male being 165.2cm reported by Deaton 2008,Malaysian male being 164.7cm reported by Lim et al 2000 and Indonesian male being158cm reported by Tunonggir 2009 while the mean stature of male was lower than theChinese male being 166.3cm reported by Yang et al 2005. The obtained mean stature ofpurana female was higher than the Indian female being 152.1cm reported by Deaton2008, Indonesian female being 147cm reported by Tunonggir 2009 while the meanstature was lower than the Chinese female being 157cm reported by Yang et al 2005and Malaysian female being 153.3cm reported by Lim et al. 2000.The higher stature ofpurana inhabitants of Sigiriya may be due to having agricultural live hood and peoplemaintaining better nutrition and another contributed factor by being a geneticallyisolated group.

Key words: Purana inhabitants, living height, Human diversity

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