Empowerment of Socio-Economic Environment of Tsunami Affected People in Sri Lanka

N. M. A. Jayasinghe


While the tsunami is a most destroyable hazard among all natural disasters livingenvironmental strategies of people completely are changed by tsunamis than othernatural disasters. The unfortunate experience in Sri Lanka in 2004 relates to the abovesituation. In this case, Coastal areas of Sri Lanka situated in the southern and easternprovinces were destroyed due to the Tsunami. This paper has identified the effects ofTsunami on socio-economic conditions of people who are living in the coastal areas ofSri Lanka. Likewise, it identifies the challenges which are been faced by them in theirsocio-economic environment. As the result of fall the key economic factors of family,their physiological and mental situations are felt. Therefore, we can develop arelationship between people‟s mental status and the effect of natural disasters. It affectsany kind of natural disasters, Family Economic Insurance (FEI) and overall family wellbeing.

The study used simple statistics techniques based on the SPSS and was alreadybased on primary data collected from a questionnaire survey held in a Kaluthara resettlementTsunami village. Especially, compares resources endowment of these peopleduring before and after the Tsunami which has identified some speciall remarks.Because, many people try to train their life cycle. In this case, activation the implicationprogramme after the Tsunami must be attended to build physically and mentally theirsocio-economic welfare. For that, we can suggest two ways. As such, (i) Human Capitalempowerment strategies and (ii) Physical Capital settlement projects. While the HumanCapital empowerment strategies must be planned to develop Physical Capitalcomponents like house, commercial commodities and other supporting goods and items.However, Microenterprises and Microfinance are identified major importantopportunities to empower people who faced the Tsunami.

Key words: - Tsunami, Socio-Economic environment, Human capital, Microfinance,Family economic insurance


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