Grievances of Sri Lankan Housemaids in the Middle East Is it the Result of Vacuuming Political Rights

R. C. Palliyaguruge


Sri Lankan Housemaids have been tortured in the Middle East. The researchproblem of this study is to question root causes behind this empirical context. This studyaims at exploring the foremost root causes behind the problems of Housemaids in theMiddle East and, to identify the impacts of their grievances on socio- economicdevelopment of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Housemaids in the Middle East are separatedfrom the political rights. This situation is conceptualized in this study as “VacuumingPolitical Rights of Sri Lankan Housemaids in the Middle East”. This political context asone of the major causes behind the grievances of Sri Lankan Housemaids in the MiddleEast is tested here as a hypothesis. This is a qualitative analysis. Therefore, CaseStudies were used to collect primary data. The cases of ten injured housemaids wereexamined. In addition to that, members of their families and government officials wereinterviewed. The secondary resources, such as previous research papers, books, newspapers, law reports and internet sources were used. This research revealed thatHousemaids in the Middle East are tortured by their bosses. Lack of Political rights andCivil rights, week attention of the officials in the embassies and High commissions,home-sickness, weaknesses of the bilateral agreements were revealed as the root causesbehind this problem.

Key words: Housemaids, Middle East, Vacuuming political rights, Home sick,Weaknesses of the bilateral agreements

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