Beyond the Daily chores

L. B. Manamperi


This research is conducted with the purpose of exploring the reasons which havecaused the Sri Lankan women to penetrate the conservative line of thought throughexpatriate employment and other professional avenues. My study is based on theexpatriate women and also the employed Sri Lankan women in different spheresholding both high and low positions.

In my investigative analysis, several issues have been identified pertaining to theemployed women in Sri Lanka.

The first such issue is the critical plight of the married women employed inMiddle East as house-maids despite the social, vocational and financial insecurity. Thenext issue at focus is the dearth of Sri Lankan women who‟ve reach higher footholds intheir career. The views of several Sri Lankan female employees and employers whorepresent different social and professional calibers are considered in this respect.

Furthermore, the statistics obtained from the relevant authorities regarding theemployed women in Sri Lanka also are incorporated when reaching a conclusion.As the last issue elaborated in this research, the impact of marriage on the women‟semployment is analyzed with the observations from the marriage proposals published inlocal newspapers.

Conclusively, the looming economic pressure is identified as a supersedingfactor in expatriation of women while the tendency of women being educated withrelatively less qualifications to suit the job market is viewed as a disturbing factor fortheir professional advancement. At the present context, the significance of marriage as adetermining factor for the women‟s employment is almost nonexistent unlike in thepast.

Key words: House maids, Vocational and Financial insecurity


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