Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System for Analyzing Urban Information System A Case Study of Belgaum City, Karnataka, India.

Rita Basanna, A. K. Wodeyar


Remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS) are the best toolswhich can be applied in the analysis of Urban Information System (UIS). The geospatialtechnology that combines the technology of Remote Sensing and GIS holdspotential for timely and cost-effective assessment of natural resources. Land use/Landcover generally refers to the categorization or classification of human activities andnatural elements on the landscape. The present study evaluates the effectiveness ofSatellite data and computer aided GIS techniques in generating land use map anddatabase for the study area. The main objectives of the research are to demarcate thestudy unit, to study the growth of city and to study the changes in Land use and landcover (Phase wise). Primary and secondary data is collected to carry out the researchwork. Primary data is collected through questioners and personal observation.Secondary data is collected through Belgaum district Censes Book, Town DirectoryGazettes, Journals and Government offices. The methodology adopted categorizes thepresent study broadly in five stages –Literature and discussion, data collection of thestudy area by field survey, data processing, preparation of maps and presentation.ArcGIS 9.2 and ERDAS imagine 9.0 software have been used as tools to map the landuse of the study unit.

A statistical approach can solve any problem technically and can provideaccurate results. The surrounding boundary of the study unit is demarcated by applyingstatistical techniques which covers 231.51 Sq.Kms of area. A perfect positivecorrelation between the population growth and physical expansion of the city can beseen. The research shows the amount of changes that have taken place in Thirty fouryears (1970-2004) and which is taking place just within six years (2004-2010) whichmeans the acceleration of changes is faster every year.

Key words: Geographical Information System, Remote sensing, Urban informationsystem, Land use and land cover

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