Application of GIS in Chamarajanagar District Administration An Integrated Approach

M. Harish, M. Pushpalatha


The paper investigates a detailed study on application of Geographic InformationSystem (GIS) technologies in the offices of Chamarajanagar district for district administration.The key reason for choice of research is that GIS have a potential for district level managementin developing countries. The technology is utilized for diverse issues of spatial in nature, such asplanning for roads, health centers, construction of channel, agriculture development, forestmanagement, revenue, election etc.The GIS technology helps and illustrates the problems existing in districts that can beplanned for development. Therefore, it has been a recent trend to study and relate GIStechnology to solve problems of administrators, planners, District officers etc for better planningand management of data whenever it is required through visualization.The set of GIS technology has been substantiated with a set of measures taken forimprovement of district administration and highlighted them. This greatly challenging role canbe taken up using the departments using GIS technology in social planning for the developmentin district.

GIS technology will help resource management, route optimization and interlinking ofmultiple resources for better planning in the district.

The GIS database should be published and updated very frequently in concerneddepartments. All GIS should be interconnected for easy verification, co-relation and generationof statistics and propagation of GIS is essential for public and administrators. The GIS districtdata can be made sharable among the departments and made user friendly, and also GISdatabase should remain in public domain.

However, such work needs to be expanded specially among researchers, governments,and communities. This can lead to a beneficial strategy that helps to solve the related publicissues, through the use of Geographic Information System technology as a tool in the district.

Key words: Administration, Planning, Potential, Technologies, VisualizationGIS


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