Based Crime Mapping and Analysis A Case Study of Mudugiri Town Police Station Jurisdiction

G. R. Pramod Kumar, P. Ravikumar, R. K. Somashekar


Madhugiri, also known as Maddagiri is a Taluk headquarter in Tumkur districtin the Indian state of Karnataka, geographically located at 13.66°N and 77.21°E, with anaverage elevation of 787 m (2582 ft), located at ~43 km north of Tumkur town and 107km north-west of Bangalore city. The present study aimed to analyze the crime scenarioin Madugiri town police station jurisdiction by using Hot Spot and Buffer Analysis.Based on Madugiri police station records, the crime data were classified under variousgroup of offence such as Murder, Robbery, Cheating, House theft, Motor-vehicles theft,Missing, Mobile theft, Pick pocketing, Burglary, Chain snatching, Quarreling andHouse breaking (day), House breaking (Night), etc. The distribution of crime incidenceshowed that KHB colony, Madugiri old and new bus-stand around Madugiri fort,Gowribidanur road, Koratgere road, Sira road and Madugiri market areas were affectedby notorious activities. Crime maps generated were able to identify and differentiate hotspot of crime and their displacement, illustrate the relationship between the mappedcrimes patterns and socio-economic characteristics of Madugiri town. It was concludedthat in Madugiri police jurisdiction, crime rates were not so high, but still occurrences ofcrimes like house theft, material theft, etc., were of a great concern. The crime patternschange over space and time in an area and hence the data so generated will be ofimmense help to Indian Police Department to utilize GIS tools and techniques instead oftraditional pin and dot maps to determine spatio-temporal crime pattern as well as tocapture crime series and forecast future crime occurrences. The public can also beeducated with the visual information obtained through GIS analysis to clarify crimeconcerns and enlist community action and finally to arrive at reducing overall crimedisorders.

Key words: GIS, GPS, Hot spot analysis, Buffer analysis, Crime analysis


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