Framework to Capture, Represent and Realize Motivational Concepts of Good Governance on eBusiness Solutions

Geethika Dantanarayana, Parsad Jayaweera


Majority of electronic solutions developed to facilitate business enterpriseoperations fail just because of they do not pay considerable attention on high levelmotivational concepts in relation to good governance and idealistic missions ofenterprises. On the other hand enterprise modeling with all these considerations can alsobe seen as a complex and time consuming process involving a variety of participants.One promising approach to tackle this situation should be the separation of concernduring enterprise solution designing. As a result it is important to develop differentmodels during the different phases of the development workflow such as Motivation(Goal) models, Value Models and Business Process Models.

However, since all these methods describe each layer discretely, it is often hardto find relationships between different modeling concepts at different enterprisemodeling layers such as the ones listed above. Further, often it is impossible to supportmuch needed bi-directional traceability between higher business motivational leveldesigning decisions and processes that are executed on lower ICT technical platforms.In this work, we have reported intermediate results of an on-going research project thatfinds systematic approaches to Business Motivation Modeling and hence supportBusiness/IT Alignment issues faced by eBusiness Industry today.

More specifically, in this paper we have illustrated the capability of theframework that has been proposed to capture and then to represent motivationalconcepts in relation with good governance and idealistic missions of enterprises. Furtherwe have demonstrated how these higher level motivational requirements could berealized on lower layer of enterprise development while ensuring afore said bidirectionaltraceability.

We have adopted a research methodology based on Design Science for thedevelopment of proposed framework. In order to be compliant popularrecommendations from global forums and international industry standards, for theBusiness Motivation Modeling Layer, our approach has been based on BusinessMotivation Modeling standards proposed by Objects Management Group and BusinessValue Modeling Layer is based on UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology and e3Value.

Key words: Business motivation modeling, Good governance, Business value modeling,Business/IT Alignment

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