Online Advertising An Outlook and Emerging Scenario

A. Shelke, R. Shinde


This paper gives an overview of online advertising, discusses the global andIndian online trends. It examines the online industry in terms of market size, segments,growth forecasts, drivers, and resistors. It also discusses about the emerging scenario ofthe industries in terms of the competitive positioning of major players and their businessmodels, strategies, and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The study triesto analyze the emerging models that are likely to dominate the industry.The onlineadvertising industry, which has a major dominance by Google, is likely to see a lot ofhot action in the near future. While this industry will continue to grow and be popular inthe developed world, it is likely to gain a fast growth in the emerging economies ofAsia, especially India and China.

Based on the analysis, it is forecasted that the online advertising industry willalmost double from $ 42 billion in 2007 to $72 billion in 2012 which is a growth ofCompounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 11.4%, within which North America willdominate the industry. Internet use can be expected to exceed time spent on watchingTV over period of time.

The online advertising industry is expected to see a major battle with Microsoftemerging a challenger to Google‟s dominance. The web analytics tool provided bysearch engines provides an effective online marketing tool for online advertisingcompanies.

Key words: Online advertising, Internet marketing, New media marketing


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