People‟s Attitude toward Sri Lankan Cricket

W. M. R. K. Weerakoon, W. M. A. M. Jayawardhana, K. Jayantha, E. U. Ubayachandra


This paper has two objectives. (1) To identify the degree of People‟s attitudeabout the Sri Lankan Cricket 2) To examine the perception of the people about SriLankan Cricket after the 2011 "world cup". Hence this study was based on threepredictions namely 1) There is a negative correlation between beliefs and attitudetoward cricket, (H1), 2) There is a negative correlation between loyalty and attitudetoward cricket, (H2). 3) There is a negative correlation between preference and attitudetoward cricket, (H3). At the point of testing these hypotheses, the study was limited to asample population for the convenience of the study, Kandy sectarian division, where thePallekale international cricket stadium is located and one game of world cup 2011 washeld. Five other sub divisions were selected: those located around the ground, andsample size of each division was selected proportionate to the sub division population.Then respondents were from sample random sampling technique with association ofdivisional registration unit and random number table. The data were collected from therespondents by exploring a questionnaire that was carefully conducted according to thelikert scale method. 117 questionnaires were distributed among the sample on the basisof quota given to each sub division. The three hypotheses were tested using SPSSversion 19.0. For validity and reliability of questionnaire, conbach's alpha (0.73) wasalso used. The results show that negative correlation between beliefs and attitudetowards cricket (r= -4.56*). Loyalty and attitude towards cricket also shows anegative(r= -5.78*). Preference and attitude toward cricket also shows a negative (r= -4.65*). Based on the findings of the study number of recommendations was made tothe sports authorities and researchers in the field of sport to improve attitude aboutCricket in the country in future. Resulting from implementation of givenrecommendations, the respective benefits will be yielded by Sri Lankan sports, ataggregate level.

Key words: Cricket, Beliefs, Prefer, Loyalty, Attitudes

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