Vol 7, No 2 (2017)

DOI: 10.31357/jtfe.v7i2

Table of Contents

Feature Article

An overview of heavy metal contamination in coastal sediments of Sri Lanka PDF
A.M.N.M. Adikaram, H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala


Identification of Vegetation Change of Lower U Minh National Park of Vietnam from 1975 to 2015 PDF
P.T. Khanh, S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe
Degradation of Microcystin LR, Oxytetracycline and Amphicillin by Four Native Bacteria Species PDF
P.S. Dharmadasa, G.Y. Liyanage, P.M. Manage
Aboveground biomass and carbon stock assessment in forest stands of Gmelinaarborea Roxb. in Mizoram, North-East India PDF
R. Hauchhum
Nonlinear Height-Stump Diameter Models for Tectona grandis Linn. F Stands in Omo Forest Reserve, Nigeria PDF
O. Chukwu, J.S.A. Osho
Performance of tropical vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlands for leachate treatment at different hydraulic loading rates PDF
T.A.O.K. Meetiyagoda, N.J.G.J. Bandara, K.B.S.N. Jinadasa, C.S. Kalpage, C.D.K. Pathirana
Impact of Land Use Changes on Soil Properties and Organic Carbon Distribution Using Tracer Techniques in Selangor State of Malaysia PDF
M.B. Hossain, K. Jusoh, S. Fatimah
In vitro screening of, antibacterial antifungal and cytotoxicity activities in crude extract of freshwater cyanobacterium Oscillatoria sp. PDF
W.A.M.A. Wijesekara, P.M. Manage
Equation for Estimating Stem Volume for Agar tree (Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk) Grown in the Plantations in Bangladesh PDF
S.M.Z. Islam, M.A.M. Chowdhury
Pathological characterization of Corynespora cassiicola isolates from traditional and non-traditional rubber growing areas PDF
Y.L. Wijesingha, T.H.P.S. Fernando, K.M.E.P. Fernando
The Modeling of above Ground Biomass in Ranges of Corbett Tiger Reserve using Dual-Polarization ALOS PALSAR Data PDF
Y. Kumar, S. Singh, R.S. Chatterjee
Forest Carbon Stock Assessment of the Musk Deer National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) PDF
M. Qasim

Journal of Tropical Forestry and Environment,

University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

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