Diversity of Ascidians from the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve (GNBR), India

G. Ananthan, A.S. Prabhu, R. Sathishkumar, C. Stalin


The Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve nurtures a diverse amount of life and is very important
to the biological diversity of India. Ascidians diversity has been recorded for the first time
from the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve. In the present study, 15 species of ascidians were
noticed in both intertidal and sub-tidal regions of GNBR, belonging to two orders, three
suborders, six families and ten genera (Didemnum fulgens, Didemnum vexillum, Didemnum
granulatum, Didemnum albidum, Didemnum candidum, Trididemnum cyanophorum,
Diplosoma simile, Diplosoma spongiforme, Clavelina oblonga, Aplidium fuscum, Synoicum
castellatum, Pycnoclavella diminuta, Ascidia virginea, Ascidiella aspersa and Styela sp.)
during the year 2013-2014 of which, the Didemnidae family was recorded with the high
diversity of 15 species. Species richness were highly recorded in Bquary Beach and lowly
recorded from Campbell Bay. The present data suggests that GNBR coast offers a unique
opportunity for future research on the ascidians diversity and ecology assessment.
Keywords: Ascidians, Biodiversity, GNBR

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DOI: 10.31357/fesympo.v20i0.2533


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Proceedings of International Forestry and Environment Symposium, Sri Lanka. Published by Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura