Integration of GIS and AHP for Suitable Site Selection of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant: A Case Study of Akkaraipattu Municipal Council

D.S. Munasinghe, P.G.R.N.I. Pussella, M.D.E.K. Gunathilaka


Domestic wastewater has been defined as the water discharged from a community after it has
been fouled by various uses and containing waste. An inappropriate releasing of domestic
waste water is a challenge for the ecosystem and human health. Hence, to prevent
environmental pollution, one of the aims of the wastewater treatment is to recover water for
further consumptions, including agricultural purposes. If proper location for the treatment
plant is not selected, it may lead to soil degradation and ground water pollution. Thus, this
study aimed to select a suitable site for domestic wastewater treatment plant (DWWTP). It is
an important for the sustainable treatment and reuse of wastewater coverage and it reduces
the social and environmental impacts. The study was carried out by using Geographic
Information System (GIS), which enabled an efficient combination of all factors influencing
the suitability of a site, and included the area of Akkaraipattu Municipal Council. To ensure
the technical feasibility, environmental sustainability and social acceptability, a number of
factors were considered for the site selection, including the factors such as temperature,
rainfall, wind direction and speed, soil, slope, land use, accessibility, distance to surface
waters, distance to ground water. After that, analytical hierarchy process (AHP) weight
analyse method was carried out for selected factors, to give a rating system in the same
numeric values. Each factor was mapped into the GIS system as an individual data layer. The
suitability map, which was produced by overlaying all data layers, divided into four
categories according to the suitability. Finally, a GIS model was built as an example for
similar studies in future. In order to locate the site with the minimum effect on the
environment, field verification procedure was carried out to determine the best and optimal
Keywords: GIS, AHP, Domestic waste water treatment plant

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Proceedings of International Forestry and Environment Symposium, Sri Lanka. Published by Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura