The Role of Corporate Social Performance (CSP) on the Talent Attraction: A Conceptual Framework

T. M. Lewwanduwage, U. Amarakoon, T. D. Rupasinghe



Talent Management is found to significantly impact the organizational competitive performance and thus, has received increased research and practitioners’ attention over the past two decades. The shortage of talent has pushed the corporates to a war for talent which focuses on attracting, engaging and retaining the right talent over competitors. The strategies of attracting the right talent therefore have become the vital first step in Talent Management. The existing literature suggests Corporate Social Performance (CSP) to facilitate attracting the right talent. However, the literature emphasizes the need for context specific research to identify factors influencing talent attraction. Meantime, if and how CSP assists talent attraction in Sri Lankan context has received very limited attention.
Against this backdrop, this paper focuses on understanding the role of CSP on talent attraction in the Sri Lankan context. The paper aims to develop a conceptual framework which will bring meaningful insights to investigate the relationships between organizations’ CSP, and their ability to attract the right talent. Drawing from the literature the paper first identifies different factors influencing talent attraction, the dimensions of CSP and the level of impact CSP has had on talent attraction in other contexts. Second, the conceptual framework is presented. Third, the paper suggests an experimental design which can be used in empirical studies along with recommendations for future research.

Keywords: Corporate Social Performance, (CSP), Talent Attraction, Talent Management

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