Proceedings of International Conference on Business Management

Proceedings of International Conference on Business Management

Vol 13 (2016): Proceedings of International Conference on Business Management -2016

Table of Contents


Adoption of Accounting Information System Practices by Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka (with Special Reference to Polonnaruwa District) PDF
D.G.P. Kaluarachchi
Comparative Study on Asset Pricing Models in Explaining Cross Sectional Variation of Stock Returns in the Colombo Stock Exchange PDF
M.I.M. Riyath, P.D. Nimal
On the Causal Relationship Between Stock Markets Valuation and Foreign Direct Investment: A Conceptual Case of India PDF
Dr. S. Veeramani, Mariam Jamaleh
Do Women in Top Management Affect Firm Performances? Analysis of Public Quoted Companies in Sri Lanka PDF
R.G.M.N. Rupawaththa, W.G.V. Gunasekara
A Case Study in Identifying Gaps and Developing a Common Code of Ethics for Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka PDF
V.A. De Silva, A.S. Gamage
The Role of Corporate Social Performance (CSP) on the Talent Attraction: A Conceptual Framework PDF
T. M. Lewwanduwage, U. Amarakoon, T. D. Rupasinghe
A Review of Individual Change and Motivation: A Case Study Based on AMC Breaking Bad TV Series PDF
K. S. D. Fernando
Humanitarian Logistics Training Needs: A Systematic Review in Relation to Sri Lankan Humanitarian Sector PDF
S. Rajakaruna, A. W. Wijeratne, Chen Yan
Knowledge Management in Sri Lankan Indigenous Organizations: A Case Study on Mask Carving Industry PDF
A. B. D.C . Gunaratne, T.G. D.V. Thudugala, V.N.M. Ranasinghe
Usage of Knowledge Management Techniques in IT Based Company in Sri Lanka: A Case Study PDF
G.H. Tilakaratne, R.A.B. Abeygunawardana
The Role of Geography in Management: A Timely Matter of Concern in Education and Knowledge Management in Sri Lanka PDF
M. A. Shantha Wijesinghe
Gender and Intra Household Allocation of Remittances: Evidence from Estate Sector of Sri Lanka PDF
R. A. P. I. S. Dharmadasa, J. Weerahewa, P.A. Samarathunga
Migration Intentions of Post War Youths in Sri Lanka: A Systematic Review of literature on Causes of Migration PDF
A. Pingama
Identifying the Relationships between Budget Deficit and Selected Macroeconomic Variables: A Study of Sri Lanka during the Post-liberalization Era PDF
D.M.S.B. Dissanayake
Empirical study on FDI in Indian Petroleum Sector PDF
V. Agrawal
Effects of Demographic Factors on Risk Management in Community Driven Development Projects in Sri Lanka: A Preliminary Study Based on “Gemidiriya” Project PDF
W.M.M.G.D. Wijekoon, S.P.P. Amaratunge, M.H.A. Sisira Kumara
Economic Impact of Digital Taxation: A Case on Information Communication Technology Industry Sri Lanka. PDF
A.H.S. Pemerathna
Determinants of Programme Preferences and Watching Hours of Television: With Special Reference to Gampaha District PDF
K.V.A.H.P Wijenayake, G.R.S.R.C Samaraweera
Factors constraining Farmers’ adoption of new Agricultural Technology Programme in Hambantota District in Sri Lanka: Perceptions of Agriculture Extension Officers PDF
K.N.N. Silva, T. Broekel
A Comparative Study on the Determinants of Household Savings in the Colombo District PDF
P.J. Kumarasinghe, C.P.A. Jayasinghe
The Savings Motives: With Special Reference to Households in Kalutara District PDF
P.J. Kumarasinghe, S.C. Munasinghe
The Empirical Study of Corporate Environmental Performance and Financial Performance: Assessing Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan PDF
K.A.K. Gnanaweera, N. Kunori
Criteria for Construction Project Success: A Literature Review PDF
G. A. S. K. Silva, B. N. F. Warnakulasuriya, B. J. H. Arachchige
An Economic Analysis based on Equivalent Variance of the Fertilizer Subsidy: A Case of Mahaweli System H in Sri Lanka PDF
M.S.S. Perera, R. M. A. K. Rathnayake, P.J.S. Fernando
An Empirical Investigation on Customer Attitude and Intention towards Internet Banking: A Case of Licensed Commercial Banks in Colombo District, Sri Lanka PDF
R. D. Priyangika, M. S. S. Perera, D. P. Rajapakshe
Branding of Tourist Destination: A Case Study of Manipur in India PDF
S. L. S. Akoijam, C. I. Meitei
Influence of Relationship Marketing on Customer Retention in Sri Lankan Banking Industry PDF
B.S. Hettiarachchy, D.S.R Samarasinghe
Grocery Consumers Purchase Preferences for Buying from Traditional and Modern Shops PDF
Y. Durge
Decomposition Techniques on Forecasting Tourist Arrivals from Western European Countries to Sri Lanka PDF
K.M.U.B. Konarasinghe
Content Analysis of Tamil TV Commercials Aimed at Women in the Post War Context PDF
S. Shivany, T. Velnampy
Factors Associated with Production Input Difference of a Manufacturing Plant in Sri Lanka: A Case Study PDF
K.P.D.Y.M. Thiwanthika, R.A.B. Abeygunawardana, R. Munasinghe
The Global Impact of Container Inventory Imbalance and the Factors that Influence Container Inventory Management Strategies PDF
L. Edirisinghe, J. Zhihong, A.W. Wijeratne
Impact of Office Design on Employees’ Productivity; a Case Study of Banking Organizations of North Western Province in Sri Lanka PDF
W.A.M. Hansika, P.A.B.H. Amarathunga
Framework of Technology in Marketing World: A Theoretical Review PDF
K. Dilogini, S. Shivany
Container Inventory Management: Factors influencing Container Interchange PDF
L. Edirisinghe, J. Zhihong, A.W. Wijeratne
Innovation Systems in the Twenty-First Century: Toward the Emergence of “Democratic Competitiveness” PDF
Analyzing the Determinants of Entrepreneurial Activity Level in Urban Micro Enterprises in Sri Lanka PDF
B.W.R. Damayanthi
Systematic View of Innovation: Role of Universities in National Innovation System of Sri Lanka PDF
R.N. Weerasinghe, A.K.W. Jayewardane, A.L. Deshani
A Study on the Impact of Personality Traits on Entrepreneurial Capacity of Undergraduates of Faculty of Management Studies of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka PDF
C.R. Denis, C. Ariyarathne, C. Perera
Role of SMAC Stack on Competitive Advantage and Innovation with Supply Chain Performance PDF
P. Verma, V. Kumar, R.R.K. Sharma
Meeting Triple Bottom Lines through Product Service Systems, Selling Purified Water Instead of Chemicals: An Extended Case Study PDF
S.D.S.R. Maheepala, B.N.F. Warnakulasuriya, Y.K. Weerakoon Banda
Aligning Culture Typologies to Innovative Employee Benefits: Using Cameron and Quinn’s Competing Value Framework PDF
G. Kaur, R.R.K. Sharma, P. Verma
An Analysis of Office Market Rent in Colombo 03 PDF
M. M. T. S. Silva
An Expert Review on Corporate Real Estate Strategies for Hotel Industry in Sri Lanka PDF
P. C. Kaluthanthri, A. Osmadi
Determinants of Market Value for Condominium Properties: Case Study in Dehiwala, Colombo. PDF
J.M.A.I.K. Jayalath
Study on Demographic Background of Potential Buyers: With Reference to Luxury Condominium Apartments in Colombo PDF
M. S. L. Silva, W. T. L. Fernando
Decision Making in Physical Asset Repair/Replacement: A Literature Review PDF
W.M.L. Madusanka, P.A. D Rajini, K.M.G.K Konara
Scale for Measuring Perceived Service Quality of Public Service in Sri Lanka: With Special Reference to Divisional Secretariats in Gampaha District PDF
A.T. Wijesekera, R.L.S. Fernando
The Effect of Service Quality on Satisfaction Apropos Service Recipients of Divisional Secretariats in Colombo District in Sri Lanka PDF
N. Nilwala, K. Gunawardana, R. L. S. Fernando
Attitudes of Undergraduates towards Improving English Language Skills and Influence on Business Productivity: A Case Study of Faculty of Applied Sciences, USJP. PDF
P. H. Gunasekera, N.H.L. Abeysinghe, S.K. Devanarayana
Measuring Green Banking Practices: Evidence from Sri Lanka PDF
K. Shaumya, A.A. Arulrajah
Employee Recruitment: Question Formation for Employment Interviews based on Facial Cue Analytics PDF
A.T. Rupasinghe, N.L. Gunawardena, S. Shujan, D.A.S. Atukorale
The Relationships among Environmental Training, Environmental Attitude of Employee, Environmental Behavior of Employee and Environmental Orientation of Organization: A Review of Literature PDF
N. Thevanes, A.A. Arulrajah
A Dualistic Approach of ‘Quality’ in Determining the ‘Productivity’ of Education in Pursuit of Knowledge PDF
A. Chakraborty
Critical Evaluation of Existing Theories and Models in Blended Learning in Higher Education PDF
Mihiri Hapuarachchi
Fostering Employee Engagement: Factors Contributing to Quality of Services in Hospitality Sector PDF
G. Rajini

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