A Review of Individual Change and Motivation: A Case Study Based on AMC Breaking Bad TV Series

K. S. D. Fernando



Breaking Bad is an American television series which was telecasted during the year 2008 to 2013. The drama was release by AMC and it was well popular among the fans around the world as the most controversial television drama series in the previous decade and also it received numerous awards and nominations. Mr. Walter White is a functional character and the central character of Breaking Bad. Initially, he was a school chemistry teacher and part time cashier in a car wash center. Later he became a crime lord and prominent drug dealer also known as Heisenberg. This paper is basically focused in reviewing the need theory of motivation and behavioral change theory of Lewin’s plan change approach through critically analyzing the behavior of Mr. Walter White’s character in Breaking Bad television series. Qualitative analysis techniques based on the character observation was the primary technique that was used to analysis the case and at the same time the results from the analysis are carefully plotted with the basic theory to get the conclusions. The study is very significant to anyone who is interest in learning the nature of need theory of motivation and behavioral change theory including Lewin’s plan change model.

Keywords: AMC Braking Bad, Need Theory of Motivation, Behavioral Change Theory, Lewin’s plan change approach

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