The Role of Geography in Management: A Timely Matter of Concern in Education and Knowledge Management in Sri Lanka

M. A. Shantha Wijesinghe



According to Hartshorne (1939) geography is the science that provides accurate, orderly and rational description of the variable character of the earth surface. This definition emphasizes that everything on this earth has a geographic dimension as everything is place specific and changing from place to place. Thus, management is also a geographic phenomenon, as managerial methods, practices and decisions also change from place to place. They are time and place specific and acting as processes changing over time and space which are emphasized as identities in geography.
At present, geographical concepts are significantly applied in management. Particularly in environmental, real estate, human resource and marketing management its application is salient. Internationally, geography is taught as a subject in different faculties of commerce and management. In UK and USA universities even degrees on geography and management are offered.
Unfortunately the management faculties in Sri Lanka have neglected its importance particularly in the recent past. Nearly two decades ago economic and commercial geography was taught as a subject of the commerce degree programme but that has also been excluded after the revision of curricular. However, geographical concepts are still significantly applied in management but it seems that academics and practitioners in the field of education and knowledge management are not well aware of geography behind management. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to emphasize the importance of the role of geography for creative and innovative business management practices in Sri Lanka.
Methodologically this is a conceptual and thought raising paper by emphasizing the significance of various concepts in geography to the field of management. This is done through a literature survey by following purposive sampling technique for the selection of literature. To emphasize its significance many theoretical and practical aspects particularly accepted internationally are cited. As the outcome, it is expected that the expertise in the field of education and knowledge management will understand the importance of this subject for creative business management practices in Sri Lanka as the paper emphasizes its importance through the geographical identity and the concepts applied in management, decision making in management, world practices in different universities and the text books published in the field of geography and management.

Keywords: Education and knowledge management, Geography, Place specific, Process, Time.

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