Framework of Technology in Marketing World: A Theoretical Review

K. Dilogini, S. Shivany



This concept paper aims to assess a significant part of technology in marketing. Commonly, the mission of technology is the search for innovation and theorizing about new process. There are many types of technologies such as high technology, digital technology, information technology, communication technology, manufacturing and transportation technology, productivity technology and some other types of technologies are connected with all activities of people as well as marketing activities all over the world. From the past years to contemporary situation technology contributes to main parts in the marketing field. There are several parts in marketing area, like service marketing, retail marketing, marketing communication and etc. In this competitive business world technology is one of the most important factors for every organization. Without technology concern, marketing associated firms cannot survive within the industry. As an uncontrollable factor of business environment, the evaluation of technology develops day-by-day. In this way new methods of technologies are making marketing activities very much effective trends than past eras that used traditional methods. The main purpose of this concept paper from the researchers’ point of view is to develop a framework to understand the applications of technology in contemporary marketing world. This concept paper gives a general idea of technology connected with marketing aspect through the heavy literature review. This concept paper concludes by citing the past researchers’ findings and suggestions. Especially this paper is a review of theories of past literatures. Finally, from the vast theories of literatures and articles this paper found ten applications of technology in the marketing world. Such as; marketing communication, consumer portal and social interaction, internal communication, integrated promotional activities, delivery platforms, customer relationship management, sales force automations, money-making or profit-making transactions, service process integration and research links through the findings derived from the literatures. This study has implications to the theories in marketing as well as technology as a conceptual ground for research ideas.

Keywords: Applications, Contemporary Marketing, Literatures, Technology

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