Employee Recruitment: Question Formation for Employment Interviews based on Facial Cue Analytics

A.T. Rupasinghe, N.L. Gunawardena, S. Shujan, D.A.S. Atukorale


Prior research works have revealed that a relationship lies between a gainful interviewee and facial cues exhibited during the interview process. This study is focused on the formation of the questions to examine the interviewee which will use nonverbal behavioral cues presented. From nonverbal behavioral factors, ‘Facial expression variation’ was taken into the consideration with the assistance of a facial expression analysis tool. As such, this research proposes a novel approach in question formation for the assessment of interviewees. In the data collection and analysis phases of the study, qualitative and quantitative approaches have been followed. These approaches were used to identify the personality traits required in the IT related recruitments and to identify the traits that employed IT personnel already possess. Mock interviews were conducted to identify the valid questions that show a high sensitivity with facial expression variations while a tool was used to extract facial cues of the candidates. Seven primary emotions were captured with this approach during the interview. The facial emotions of joy, anger, contempt, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise were identified during the interview period which provided the percentage values for the emotional engagement of the candidate. Based on the video analytics, five questions were reported with a high emotional engagement values, three with an average variation level and remaining did not have a significant variance in candidate responses. During the final phase of this research, a cross reference analysis was conducted. For this analysis, data sets of emotional engagement were cross checked against the rankings given by the human raters regarding the extent of the question and response in total helped them to take the hiring decision. The evaluation of the results was done by comparing the result set obtained through video analytics with Human Rater result set obtained. Therefore, this research study and its suggested scientific approaches would assist the recruiters with identifying the set of questions which affect the recruitment decisions of their organizations in future.
Keywords: Employment Interviews, Question Formation, Facial Expression Analysis, Nonverbal Behavioral Patterns, Personality Traits

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