Fostering Employee Engagement: Factors Contributing to Quality of Services in Hospitality Sector

G. Rajini


The study aims to analyze the influence of attributes on employee engagement in hotels which is one of the most important vertical in hospitality sector, and to study its impact on quality of services. Data collection was to gather and measure information on variables of interest, in an established systematic fashion that enables one to answer stated research questions, test hypotheses, and evaluate outcomes. This research used both primary data as well as secondary data. Data were collected from a sample of 150 employees selected at random in hospitality sector. The variables analyzed using multiple regression technique to measure the combined effects of independent variables and factor analysis was used to describe the variability among observed, correlated variables. The study found that an aggressive strategy is needed to enhance the quality of services by keeping the employees more engaged at work. The employees should focus on other dimensions of guest expectations, and satisfaction because these aspects significantly affect guests’ perception of service quality .This research also found that there is significant difference in important attributes of engagement such as work environment, clear career path, interpersonal relationship, superior support etc. Thereby an organization’s Human Resource Department should take a step forward to prevent all those differences among the engagement attributes and should undertake a review of existing practices and extent their scope where appropriate .
Keywords: Employee Engagement, Quality of Services, Hospitality, Factors and Variables of Employee Engagement, Hotel Management

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