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Information and Communication Technology

Volume 2, Issue 1 (2022)

Analyzing Data Encryption Efficiencies for Secure Cloud Storages: A Case Study of Pcloud vs OneDrive vs Dropbox

February 24, 2022


Now more than ever has it become important to keep the information confidential in an age that is losing its value of individual privacy. In this cloud computing era, regardless of the power of the cloud computing concept, many people do not know that their information can be used and sent to third parties from their cloud storage provider. Today the use of cloud storage is well established however the security of protecting the data on the cloud is a limited thought for most users. Therefore, this study aims to experimentally research which encryption program works best when storing data onto three of the main cloud storage providers currently available on the market. This study will go over the hardware and network impact as well as the time to encrypt and decrypt the data. This study will determine if “7zip” or “rclone” encryption programs work best with these three cloud storage. The data will be collected using NetData tool and accordingly determine which encryption application works best with which cloud storage provider. Thereafter, based on the data analysis, it is recommended that experimental outcomes to all users to keep their sensitive data secured and safe from snooping or prevent private information from being collected and sold to third parties with the help of black market.