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Aim and Scope

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (IJMS) provides a supportive environment for multidisciplinary researchers to publish their research findings to the inculcation of knowledge and wisdom. The focus of the journal is on multidisciplinary research; however, publications outside of this purview but contributing to the corpus of new knowledge will be accepted for peer-review if deemed fit from the initial screening process.  IJMS accepts submission of research articles, reviews, short notes/ short communication and conceptual works for publication.


Scientia ultra fines finium (Science beyond limits)


To enhance the body of knowledge and wisdom that improves the performance, livelihood, and sustainability of all beings and nature by encouraging multidisciplinary research in the synergy of intellectuals from diverse fields and faculties.


To publish research, opinions, reviews of multidisciplinary, cross-border and diverse research, discoveries, innovations and improvements add to the body of knowledge and wisdom.