Inculcating Professional Ethics among Employees in the Workplace: A Systematic Literature Review


  • A. H. N. De Zoysa Department of Indigenous Health Sciences, Faculty of Indigenous Health Sciences and Technology, Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine


Professional ethics has become a vital and challenging topic in today's environment. Thus, the goal of this study is to encourage and enhance ethical behaviour among employees, as well as to foster a strong professional ethics culture inside organizations. In this sense, the study's goal is to accomplish three objectives. First, it explains what professional ethics is and how it affects an organisation. Second, the article emphasizes the importance and necessity of cultivating an ethical culture inside a company. Finally, the study investigates how employees’ attitudes influence workplace ethics and some implications are derived from the findings. Secondary data sources such as journals, articles, books, research papers, and websites were used in this study, which was mostly performed using a qualitative research approach. The study's findings indicate that employees' attitudes have an influence on organizations' workplace ethics. According to the findings of this study, professional ethics is essential for any organization to establish and sustain a strong and ethical culture among its employees. Therefore, managers should focus not just on achieving corporate goals while fostering meaningful working relationships, but also on encouraging ethical behaviour among employees.     


KEYWORDS: Professional Ethics, Ethical Culture, Employees, Ethical Behaviour