Factors Influence on Changes of Population Growth in Sri Lanka: From 1970 to 2019


  • D.P.K. Manel Department of Social Statistics, University of Sri Jayewardenepura


This research held in Sri Lanka since the population growth has changed during 1970 – 2019 period due to various factors. Factors influence on changes of population growth rate in any country is caused to create social and economic problems. Then, if it has changed what factors are influencing, should be studied. Therefore, this research aims to identify the reasonable factors behind the changes in Sri Lankan population growth rate through around a half-century. Secondary data from the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) and annual data from 1970 to 2019 from official websites of the United Nations were used for the main analysis. Data processing and analysis were performed by using descriptive-quantitative method and multiple regression analysis. The result of this research indicates that changes of population growth rate in Sri Lanka is significantly affected by crude birth rate, crude death rate and infant mortality rate. The multiple regression analysis had fitted a good model that explains 95.5 percent of total variability of the population growth rate. The findings show that the decline of the population growth rate was highly influenced by the decline of the crude birth rate. Therefore, the researcher recommends that Sri Lankan government should take an action to aware of the people to increasing the fertility rate of Sri Lanka. It should be implemented awareness programs related to fertility and reproductive health among both males and females in reproductive age groups and make policies to re-structure the education system in Sri Lanka. 

KEYWORDS: Factors Influence, Population growth rate, Crude birth rate, Crude death rate, Infant mortality rate