Analysis of University of Ilorin Lecturers’ and Students' Awareness and use of Learning Management System Platforms in Pre and Post Covid-19


  • M.B. Bello Department of Social Sciences Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin


The study examined the University of Ilorin lecturers’ and students’ level of awareness and use of learning management system platforms in the pre and post COVID-19 lockdown. A descriptive survey was adopted for the study where all lecturers and students across all the 13 faculties of the University of Ilorin constituted the population. A total of 1813 (322 Lecturers and 1491 students respectively) were randomly sampled for the study. A 25-item researcher-designed questionnaire entitled “Learning Management Systems Platforms Questionnaire (LMSPTQ)” with psychometric properties of content validity and a 0.71 reliability index was used to elicit the required data. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics of percentage, and the mean percentage was used to answer the research question. Findings are also summarized in a bar chart. The findings revealed that Learning Management System platforms was not prominent and were of low use in the pre-COVID-19 era while they were prominent and enjoyed high usage during the post-COVID-19 lockdown. Platforms such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Google meet, telegram, WhatsApp, and YouTube, among others enjoyed high usage. It was thus recommended that learning management systems platforms should be adopted for use by universities beyond the University of Ilorin since such platforms are used by all faculties and departments.

KEYWORDS: Awareness, Pre and Post-COVID-19, Google meet, Google classroom, Management