Internet A Mode of Teaching French Literature in a Foreign Language Classroom

I. U. Chandrasekere


Literature is an integral part of the pedagogical process of a language teaching /learning environment. The starting point is the assumption that literature offers learnersforms of access to the language that are so rich and varied that no one can afford toignore them. The way in which literature is approached as the subject matter of teachingis therefore crucial: it makes learners aware of a particular cultural phenomenon andhow it is coded in language; it allows them to progressively identify a movement ofmeaning through a particular grouping of texts; and it provides them with tools foranalysis and definition of issues that allow them, in particular, to continue theirtrajectory as enthusiasts of literature.

The emergence of new technologies sees their incorporation in teaching Frenchas a foreign language all over the world. Internet-based teaching is becoming a frequentand more popular pedagogical method in teaching French and provides both teacher andlearner with more opportunities to widen and strengthen the knowledge of language andits acquisition.

The traditional method of teaching literature can be monotonous and tedious in afast moving world and to keep abreast with the changing facets of teaching / learningenvironment, Internet based activities have been introduced in a literature lesson.However, the problem is how effectively the Internet can be incorporated in teaching /learning French literature.

This paper emphasizes on the evaluation of Internet based activities to teach /learn literature and corresponding constraints. Particular emphasis will be on thefeasibility of the e-based study pack on literature proposed to the First Year Frenchstudents of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. It is assumed that the Internet basedactivities add a new dimension in teaching / learning French literature, especially forforeign language learners.

Key words: Literature, French as a foreign language, Internet, Pedagogy

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