R.C.L. De. Silva, K. P. Nishantha


This study of work related outcomes in the TQM work environment is an attempt to assess the relationship between the application of core TQM principles and work related outcomes namely job involvement, job satisfaction,organizational commitment and turnover intention (H1) to assess the relationship between perceived organizational support and work related outcomes such as job satisfaction, job involvement, organizational commitment, and turnover intention (H2); and also test whether application of core TQM principles supported by perceived organizational support leads to high positive work related outcomes (H3). The study covered both production and Service sectors separately and carried out on 83 participants. Primary data was collected through a well designed questionnaire and observations. Regression analysis, Correlation analysis and Mean comparison were used to analyze the data. The findings established that there is a relationship with TQM principles and work-related outcomes confirming the Hypothesis 1. Further the study confirmed the Hypothesis two by proving the relationship of the perceived organizational support (POS) and work related outcomes. The Hypothesis H3 has been confirmed in the findings. The initial categorization of high and low performing companies by hard data collected both under Production and service companies also confirmed the findings of the research. The relationship established through the study revealed that better TQM applications results in higher work related outcomes. Further the findings of the research highlighted that perceived organizational support enhances the results, when it is present with TQM. From separable categories of three Production companies and two service companies in which the study was carried out
revealed that the higher performance given out by high POS adopted companies compared with low POS companies.The study confirmed the previous studies, especially Dean and Bowan (1994) and Browns (1997).

Key Words: Work related Outcomes, TQM, Work Environment

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