M. Raveeswaran, T. Raveendran, S. Ananthasayanan


Several studies investigated the source and consequences of work stress. The present literature does not give evidence of influence of the biographical difference on stress among teachers in Jaffna schools. The objective of the present study was to investigate the differences in teachers’ occupational stress in relation to demographic factors (age, sex, parenthood, number of children, designation, grade and experience) and the influence of these demographical variables on their occupational stress. Numerous studies have confirmed that teaching can be a stressful profession. There is lack of consistency of findings with regard to demographic variables and occupational stress. Therefore, the problem focused in this study was whether the demographic factors are associated with teachers’ stress. In this study, the sample consisted of 199 teachers from primary schools in Jaffna district. Data were collected using a self – administratered questionnaire. Information regarding participants’ age, sex, parenthood, number of children, designation, grade and experience were collected through part of the questionnaire. Occupational stress level was measured using the Perceived Stress Scale (Cohen, Kamarck and Mermelstein 1983). Comparison of means and multiple regressions were employed to analyse the data. The findings showed that there are significant differences in occupational stress of teachers based on age, sex, experience and parenthood. In addition, age, sex, and parenthood have significant impact on the level of occupational stress of teachers. The study has brought some insights of the demographic groups,which have higher stress, and the impact of demographic variables on stress in schools. The findings of the study give some ideas of maximizing performance of school teachers by the way of managing their stress in terms of task assignments based on demographic differences.

Key Words: - Occupational Stress, Demographic Differences

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Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce