A Preliminary investigation on the handline fishery in the west coast of Sri Lanka



A preliminary analysis of the handline fishery in Negombo is presented.The fishery is carried out along the continental shelf edge with the depth rangeof 10-20 fathoms and within the distance of 20 miles from the coast. Out of the75 crafts engaged in this fishery 70% are 17 FRP boats. The catch rates ofthese boats vary from 11-24 kg/boat/day and show no marked monthly fluctuations.The total annual production of handline fishery in Negombo was estimatedat 367 MT which is about 18% of the total marine fish production in thearea. Carangids, rock fish, and seer fish dominate the catch ill most of themonths. Relatively more rock fish varieties are caught in the first half of theyear and carangids in the latter half.

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