An Investigation into the effect of monocultural plantation of eucalyptus camaldulensis on soil fertility status

D. M. S. H. K. Ranasinghe, A. W. A. Jayasuriya


The effect of Eucalyptus camaldulensis monoculture on soil fertility statusin the dry zone was studied comparatively with another monoculture of Tectonagrandis and a naturalforest located in the same area over a period of 5 months.

Total litter production of Eucalyptus was 370.68 kglha as compared with1349.07 kglha in Tectona grandis (study period overlapped the leaf senescence)and 217.75 kglha in the natural forest. Litter decomposition was 40.22% inEucalyptus while it was 40.27% and 44.95% in naturalforest, and Tectona respectively.Nutrient release to litter at the time of fall did not differ between thevegetation types. However, it differed between the tree components and nutrients,the orders being leaves>twigs>bark and N>P>K>Ca.

Significant differences (p;;;::0.05)were seen in moisture content, pH, organicmatter content, total nitrogen percentage, available potassium and calcium betweenthe soils in the vegetation types.

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