Growth assessment of some ornamental fish species fed with low cost feeds



Three feeds were formulated using low cost raw materials with proteincontents ranging from 44% - 62% and prepared in the laboratory and weretested against an imported feed (protein 32%) on young stages (initial weight,0.03 - 0.71 g.) of four species of ornamental fish namely, Rosy Barb (Barbasconchoniusy, Angel (Pterophyllum scalurey; Gold fish (Carassius auratus auratus)and Goggle - eye iCarassius sp.) over a period of 2 months to assess thefeasibility of using locally prepared feeds in rearing of very young stages inornamental fish culture.

High Assimilation Efficiencies (56 - 82 ~~), low Food Conversion Ratios(less thae 2), high Growth Rates (0.005) - 0.02 g. day") and high SurvivalRates (93% - 100) shown by all species on the prepared diets proved thelocally prepared feeds to be highly acceptable.

The results also reveal that there is an optimal level of dietary proteinrequirement in the range of 44 - 50% for three of the four species studied.

The study also showed that the cost of feeds can be reduced by

(a) using low cost protein sources such as shrimp heads, fish/meatoffals, rice bran and soya flour;

(b) using more carbohydrates with less protein.

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