A Preliminary study of some aspects of distribution of phospholipids and yield and flow properties of hevea latex

S. Kasinathan, P. A. J. Yapa, K. Balasobramanium


The phospholipid content in various fractions obtained by high speedcentrifugation of Hevea latex was studied. Distribution of phospholipidin latex as well as rubber of various clones of Hevea in relation to their yieldand plugging index was compared. The rubber treated with sodium fluoridewas found to.contain a higher phospholipid content. The polybag rubber.deproteinized rubber and autocoagulated rubber had more phospholipidcontent than conventional acid coagulated rubber. Hevea clones with highyield and superior quality of rubber, were found to have a greater phospholipidcontent than low yielding clones.

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