The authenticity of Sustainable Practices in Sri Lankan Construction Industry


  • B.G.T.N. Samaraweera Alpha Homes Pvt Ltd
  • W.H.T. Gunawardhana University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Sustainable construction practices make a significant impact on the construction industry itself, natural and social environment, and the economy of a country. Therefore, this study aims to identify important factors that influence the construction industry in adopting sustainable construction practices and sustainable construction practices adopted in Sri Lanka. This research is limited to construction organizations and construction industry professionals to collect data. Four construction organizations and seven professionals
were selected as a sample, and semi-structured interviews and semistructured in-depth interviews were conducted respectively. Content analysis and a stakeholder analysis were done to meet the objectives of the research. The content analysis was based on a framework
proposed in the previous study, and the findings show that the construction organizations have passed the early stage of sustainable construction. Still, there are more to improve and develop. Awareness, training, and education/negative attitude, gaps in the legal framework and enforcement, non-availability of materials and suppliers, lack of research and development on sustainable construction practices were identified as essential factors in implementing sustainable construction practices.
Keywords: Construction Organizations; Construction professionals; Construction Industry; Sustainable Construction Practices.