Is the Rent Act Reaching the Culmination of its Purpose?


  • P W Senaratne Former Chief Valuer


Rent Law in the country has a history of over 78 years since introduction of Rent Restriction Ordinance No: 60 of 1942 by the then Ceylon State Assembly. The Rent Act No: 20 of 1948 introduced by the Government of Ceylon after independence in 1948, incorporated law relating to rent up to date and considered as a comprehensive Rent Law till 1972. Rent Act No: 7 of 1972, more concerned on tenants than landlords, introduced by the Democratic Social Republic of Sri Lanka, repealed the former Ordinance and considering as the current Rent Law of the country with two amendments in 1980 and 2002, both were introduced by the then governments with “Free Economic Policy”. First amendment in 1980 was somewhat capitalist that more leaning towards landlords and the last amendment in 2020 has ultimately lead to close the chapter of “protected tenant”. This article, attempt to see whether the purpose of the Rent Act for safeguarding the interest of tenants is still valid.

Keywords: Rent Act, Protected Tenant, Authorised/Standard Rent, Ejection of tenants, demolition orders and assessment of compensation.