Towards a Framework for Integration of User-Centered Design and Agile Methodology


  • Asma Taslim




Agile practices are release planning, sprint planning, and standup meetings. The Agile provides the requisite time and space for teams, enabling them, to collaborate with each other and build relationship among them. Frequent short meetings are being held daily by Agile teams to identify potential collaboration opportunities to be followed. User Centered Design (UCD) is a user interface design process which lays great emphasis on the usability objectives, user features, environmental circumstances, tasks and work input/flow in the design/model of an interface. However, some challenges occurred when the UCD joins the Agile process such as usability issues, collaboration problems, usability testing etc. The proposed model not only embraces the relevant issues but it resolves the same to a great extent. The evaluation of said model is done through a case study.