Determinants of Intention to Leave among Operational Level Employees: A Study at a Leading Apparel Manufacturing Company in Sri Lanka


  • BB Amarathunge Lecturer, School of Business, National School of Business Management, Sri Lanka


Human resources are considered to be amongst the most important assets of every organization as they determine organizational success and productivity. High level of employee turnover among operational level employeeshas been identified as a contemporary management issue which can be seen common in apparel sector in Sri Lanka resulting both intangible and tangible costs to the company. Existent literature supports several studies that have been conducted in different fields to identify the relationship between job satisfaction and the employees’ intention to leave which leads to turnover. This study was intended to investigate the factors affecting employees’ intention to leave at one of the leading apparel manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka in fact data had been gathered from 120 operational level employees using a questionnaire. Better working conditions, opportunities for training and Higher Salary and other benefits were identified as the major determinants of employees’ intention to stay. Gender, age and educational qualifications were identified as moderators that do influence the employee’s intention to leave or stay.  Later, the study is provided with recommendations on how to retain operational level staff by making them satisfied to the best. At last, it is concluded by indicatinginsights for further research. 

 Keywords: Employees' Intention to Leave, Employee Turnover, Apparel Industry, Job Satisfaction