The Relationship between Psychological Contract Violation and Organizational Citizenship Behavior


  • VR Ranasinghe Lecturer, KAATSU International For Undergraduate Studies (KIU)


This study seeks to explore the relationship between psychological contract violation and organizational citizenship behavior in selected large scale apparel firms in Colombo district. This research attempts to fill the gap of literature related to this topic by studying the situation of the jumpers in apparel industry in Colombo district and to provide more empirical evidence on the relationship between psychological contract violation and organizational citizenship Behavior. The data were collected from convenient sampling consisting 86 jumpers in garment factories in Colombo district, Sri Lanka. And used a structured questionnaire consisting 33 questions with point Likert Scale. Data were analyzed with SPSS computer package and it included univariate analysis and bivariate analysis. The findings of the study were psychological contract violation negatively and strongly correlated with organizational citizenship behavior. As the multiple regression analysis, 93.6% of the variation in organizational citizenship behavior explained by the psychological contract violation. It is concluded that psychological contract violation has a negative relationship with the organizational citizenship behavior. This study provides support for filling the gap of theoretical and practical understanding of psychological contract violation as well as organizational citizenship behavior of jumpers in garment factories in Sri Lanka.

Keywords: Psychological Contract Violation, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Jumpers